Thijs Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Oct 16

Thijs Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Oct 16This is the Thijs Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Oct 16 he was using to climb the ladder.

Even though Call of the Wild took a small hit from the nerf hammer recently, Hunter is more popular than ever and a legit strong deck. The secret synergy with Cloaked Huntress is pretty insane really, I’ve been playing this deck and dropping 2-3 secrets on curve for 0 mana and winning games.

Barnes is a great choice in this deck too. There are so many minions with deathrattles or passive effects that you almost always roll something useful. And, if you roll a 1/1 Ragnaros or Savannah Highmane your chance of winning doubles on the spot. 🙂

Trump Patron Warrior Deck Oct 16

Trump Patron Warrior Deck Oct 16I’m not the biggest fan of Patron Warrior decks, but Trump is and this is his Patron Warrior Deck he has been playing in the Oct 16 season.

Interestingly it only has one copy of Patron Warrior. It does include the Blood Warriors and Arcane Giant mechanics though, so you have more than one win condition.

It’s a solid deck. You have plenty of card cycle, board clears, and some huge minions for big damage. You also have a copy of Elise Starseeker if it looks like the game it going to run long and you want to try your luck with the Golden Monkey.

Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock w Y’Shaarj Oct 16

Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock w Y'ShaarjThis is the Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock w Y’Shaarj he’s been playing on stream this season. (season 31, oct 16).

Renounce Darkness is a fun card and there have been some interesting decks that have used this card. This is actually one of the stronger lists, Y’Shaarj is a fun card also, and played with Barnes there is a good chance you will be able to pull it out early.

This combo of Barnes into Y’Shaarj is one of the strongest combos in the game and has been used in Hunter a lot. After flipping all your Warlock cards and getting some discounted cards there are some crazy things that can happen!

Muzzy Top 10 Legend EU Aggro Paladin Deck Oct 16

Muzzy Top 10 Legend EU Aggro Paladin Deck Oct 16Think Aggro Paladin isn’t a viable deck to play at high legend right now? Try this Muzzy Top 10 Legend EU Aggro Paladin Deck Oct 16.

There are some interesting tech choices in this list. The double Crazed Alchemist is some much needed anti-Shaman tech’s in this META. I like the Defender of Argus as there is a lot of weapons inflicting direct damage right now. You could even swap this for Harrison Jones if you prefer.

If you’ve not played aggro Paladin with Steward of Darkshire before the deck gets its strength from the divine shield synergies. Divine Shields enable you to trade up and still have your minions on board. Play the deck out like you would a Zoolock build. Trade as much as you can and push through with burst from cards like Leeroy Jenkins and Blessing of Kings when you’re pressing lethal.Muzzy Top 10 Legend EU Aggro Paladin

What Is the Heroic Tavern Brawl and What Can You Win?

Blizzard made an exciting announcement this week about the upcoming tavern brawl. It’s going to be a ‘Heroic Tavern Brawl’, all the details of which are below:

What Is the Heroic Tavern Brawl?

Heroic Brawl will challenge even Hearthstone’s most experienced players as they vie for glory and in-game rewards! Participants will create a Standard deck from their existing card pool and lock it in before their first Heroic Brawl match. No changes can be made to your Heroic Brawl deck once you’ve locked it in, so be sure to do a bit of testing before you finalize your deck.

What Are the Rewards in the Heroic Tavern Brawl?

You can find a list of all the rewards here. As well as a closer look at the rewards for 12 wins here.

For Hearthstone’s best brawlers, 50 packs, a heap of Gold, piles of Arcane Dust, and three golden Legendaries sit at the end of the 12-win rainbow. The rewards are significantly different than what you have come to expect in the Arena, and the more games you win, the better they get. Are you ready to take on the best and brightest of competitive Hearthstone?

Hearthstone Developers Explaining Heroic Tavern Brawl

How Much Does It Cost to Play Heroic Tavern Brawl

Heroic Brawl lasts for only one normal Tavern Brawl week and has an entry fee of $9.99 USD or 1000 gold. You can participate in Heroic Brawl for a limited amount of completed runs. As mentioned above, Heroic Brawl rewards scale depending on how many wins you get, so be sure to do your best each run!

When Is Heroic Tavern Brawl Released and Playable For?

Heroic Tavern Brawl date is TBC.

I’m Scared, What If I’m Not Good Enough or I Lose My Gold?

If you’re not ready to throw down during Heroic Brawl week, you can watch your friends Brawl with Spectator Mode or cheer on your favorite streamers as they go for the gold. We’ll return to our normal Tavern Brawl schedule after the conclusion of the Heroic Tavern Brawl week.

What Are the Rewards for 12 Wins in Heroic Tavern Brawl?

If you’re wondering what the rewards for getting 12 wins in the Heroic Tavern Brawl is, check the image below:

What Are the Rewards for 12 Wins in Heroic Tavern Brawl

Pretty sweet, but it’s going to be incredibly difficult to get a 12 win run. You can see full list of rewards per wins here.

How Much Does It Cost to Enter the Heroic Tavern Brawl?

There are two ways to pay your way into a Heroic Tavern Brawl run:

Real money – $9.99

In-game Gold – 1,000

You need to get the full 12 wins to make back the 1,000 gold you spent to get in. However, you only need 8 wins to make a profit overall.

8 wins = 9 packs (900 gold) + 310 gold = 1,210 total gold.


What Are the Heroic Tavern Brawl Rewards?

If you were wondering, what are the Heroic Tavern Brawl rewards, below is a table showing you how much gold, dust, packs, and golden legendary cards you are awarded per how many wins you have:

What Are the Heroic Tavern Brawl Rewards.

Superjj High Legend Malygos Rogue Deck Oct 16

Superjj High Legend Malygos Rogue Deck Oct 16This is the Superjj High Legend Malygos Rogue Deck Oct 16 he was playing on stream at high legend ranks. There are a few Malygos Rogue lists going around at the moment and it’s a really decent tier-2 deck that can win vs any class with a little luck and RNG on your side.

The game plan is a simple one.

  • Use removal to keep the board clear
  • Drop Emperor Thaurissan on a huge hand with combo pieces in.
  • Cycle your deck with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to pull your combo damage and Malygos into your hand.
  • Drop Malygos and some spells with + spell damage and let the fireworks begin!

Spell Damage of Rogue Cards with Malygos on Board

Backstab – 7 damage

Sinister Strike – 8 damage

Eviscerate – 7/9 damage

Shiv – 6 damage

Fan of Knives – 6 damage

*Shadow Strike – 10 damage

*Remember that Shadow Strike can hit face if your opponent is at full health.

Xixo Rank 1 Legend Malygos Druid Deck Oct 16

Xixo Rank 1 Legend Malygos Druid Deck Oct 16This is the Xixo Rank 1 Legend Malygos Druid Deck Oct 16 he used to hit top spot on EU.

The interesting tech changes over the other Malygos Druid lists are Harrison Jones and Baron Geddon. These are anti-Shaman cards and helps swing this matchup much more into the Druids favor.

It’s a Shaman META, time to start teching to beat down those Shamans! This list also performs well in the Malygos Druid Mirror match too with Ragnaros and double Feral Rage for armor gain.

Rosty Rank 1 Legend Control Warrior w Yogg Oct 16

Rosty Rank 1 Legend Control Warrior w Yogg Oct 16This is the Rosty Rank 1 Legend Control Warrior w Yogg Oct 16 he was playing on stream. It’s no surprise to see a Warrior deck hitting the highest rank, but this list is a little different. The Harrison Jones tech is needed right now to deal with all the Shamans and their Spirit Claws.

Baron Geddon is also a great anti-shaman tech. The 2 damage clears all those 2-health totems. And, let’s be honest, the Yogg Nerf wasn’t exactly the kind of nerf everyone was hoping for. Yogg is still considered a form of removal if the board gets out of control. The more enemy minions on the board the higher chance you will get some value from this card.