How to Get Cloaked Huntress

Wondering how to get Cloaked Huntress?

You are awarded this card for completing the first wing ‘The Parlor’ of the adventure – One Night in Karazhan.

The Parlor One Night in Karazhan Wing One Boss Three

Just kill all three bosses. You get two cards per boss, then the final three cards are given to you.

This is the card you’re awarded, the Hunter card Cloaked Huntress:

Cloaked Huntress Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is a 3 mana card with a 3/4 body and the effect – Your Secrets cost (0).

This is a really good card, it’s easy to see that just from looking at it. The body is good value, and the effect ‘cheats’ mana, which is always the mark of a powerful card.

I’ve even seen someone playing at rank 1 legend with this card already. Just check this deck list here.

Tyler Rank 1 Legend Secret Hunter Deck w Cloaked Huntress

This is the Tyler Rank 1 Legend Secret Hunter Deck w Cloaked HuntressTyler Rank 1 Legend Secret Hunter Deck w Cloaked Huntress list. He just secured rank 1 legend on NA by winning with this deck. The sample size of games is small to say the least, but this is going to be a fun deck.

If you want a quick way to put a secret deck together that will use the synergy of free 0 mana secrets from the new card Cloaked Huntress, then this is a list to start with and make your own tweaks as you go.

This new card is bonkers. Think about a Eaglehorn Bow with 5 + added charges – you have 15 + damage weapon. Insane!

Have fun! Any other lists you want to share drop me a message and I will put them up.

Cat Trick HS Hunter Card

Cat Trick Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the Cat Trick HS Hunter Card being released as part of the collection from One Night in Karazhan.

The card reads: Secret: After your opponent casts a spell, summon a 4/2 Panther with Stealth.

So a new Hunter secret, and a really good one too. 4/2 Panthers with stealth appearing means they can’t be immediately targeted. Your opponents are always going to cast spells too, so it’s going to get activated, and the value of this secret is really good.

This is one of the best secrets since the originals like Explosive Trap and Freezing Trap. Looking forward to this card being released.

Cloaked Huntress HS Hunter Card

Cloaked Huntress Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the Cloaked Huntress HS Hunter Card being released with the adventure One Night in Karazhan. It synergizes with secrets and looks like a really good card.

The text reads: Your Secrets cost (0).

So when this minion is in play you can play your secrets for 0-mana. That’s pretty insane really. We thought the Mad Scientist was powerful when that was in Standard Format. This card is even better, you can load up as many secrets as you want at no cost.

With a 3/4 body for 3 mana it’s decent stats too and will trade with some other 3-drops. Looking forward to seeing this card in play.

Best Hunter Wild Deck N’Zoth

Best Hunter Wild Deck N'ZothThis is the Best Hunter Wild Deck N’Zoth list. N’Zoth is very popular in wild because there are lots of strong deathrattle minions like Sludge Belcher that have cycled out of Standard Format.

Savannah Highmane and Piloted Shredders are also powerful cards to resurrect with N’Zoth making Hunter a good class to climb the ladder with.

A lot of games will come down to who can play N’Zoth first with the most high-value minions in the graveyard. With cards like Call of the Wild and Kill Command you have some other options with this list, give it a go and see what you think.

Best Hunter Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Hunter Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Hunter Deck August 16 Season 29. I ended with high legend with this deck list and it will work in the early season amongst all the aggro too.

The Dreadscale will take your opponents by surprise and it’s easy to get value from this card clearing up those small minions. You will come across a lot of Zoolock early in the season and this card destroys Zoo.

I don’t need to tell you how powerful Call of the Wild is, this card is bonkers. There isn’t a stronger card to drop on turn 8 and if you’ve just played a Highmane it’s GG.

Trump Midrange Hunter WOTOG Deck

Trump Midrange Hunter WOTOGThis is the Trump Midrange Hunter WOTOG Deck he was using on stream to ladder up with a respectable win ratio.

Hunter is strong in the current META when played well. It’s not the forgiving deck it once was where you can just go face and rely on the strength of the cards.

There are some really good cards in the Hunter class though, and with the beast synergy and some smart decisions you can reach high legend rank for sure.

New Hunter Card big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf Hunter Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the New Hunter Card big Bad Wolf from the upcoming One Night in Karazhan adventure release. It’s the card from the deathrattle of the Kindly Grandmother.

A 3/2 for 2 mana is pretty standard for 2 drops. Although you would expect some flavour text like on the King’s Elekk or Big Toad.

But coming from a 1/1 as a deathrattle this is pretty good value. I’m sure this card is going to see play, it’s always hard to tell beforehand exactly how good cards are, but it’s clear this isn’t a junk card.

New Hunter Card Kindly Grandmother

Kindly Grandmother Hunter Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the New Hunter Card Kindly Grandmother being released with the adventure One Night in Karazhan. It’s a strong card that will see play for sure and has a good deathrattle.

Dropping a 3/2 Big Bad Wolf when killed means your opponent will not want to willingly kill it. This gives you lots of options of how to play this card.

The Hunter Class has needed a strong 2 drop that isn’t a 3/2 like the Big Toad, or the King’s Elekk. This card has synergy with N’Zoth, and when taunted with Houndmaster offers even better value for just 2 mana.

Expect to see this card at least being experimented with a lot as soon as it’s released. It will probably become a staple in some builds.

C’Thun Control Hunter Deck

If you’re looking for a C’Thun Control Hunter Deck this is a strong build C'Thun Control Hunter Deckthat I have tested. I had a positive win ratio, but not a massively successful one. Hunter isn’t the strongest class for C’Thun builds. The element of surprise really catches opponents off guard but it lacks consistency.