New Mage Card Raving Grimoire

Raving Grimoire Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the New Mage Card Raving Grimoire. It’s not super-powerful at first glance but you can never write any cards off before trying them and seeing what new synergies there are.

Being a 1 mana 1/1 you would have to assume it’s best played in an aggressive build like Tempo Mage. However, once again you are leaving your fate up to RNG and it depends on what spell you get to how good you feel about including this card in your deck.

It’s a downgrade for situations where a random 1-drop can appear. A 1/1 is among the lowest base stats so it’s going to be a disappointment from that perspective.

New Mage Card Firelands Portal

Firelands Portal Mage Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the New Mage Card Firelands Portal to be released with the new adventure One Night in Karazhan. I really like this card and it will no doubt see plenty of play due to the value it offers, but there is a huge RNG swing – which we are all used to in Hearthstone.

Blizzard have said that the Portal theme of cards will go across other classes so it’s interesting to see what else is going to follow.

Even though it’s a slow card I can see this being used in Tempo Mage. Being able to remove a minion and develop a 5-cost minion on the board for 7 mana is a potential tempo swing. I’m looking forward to seeing this card being played.

Xixo Tempo Mage Deck with Yogg and Archmage

This is the Xixo Tempo Mage Deck with Yogg and Archmage. There are Xixo Tempo Mage Deck with Yogg and Archmagelots of Tempo Mage builds and I enjoy playing around with the different lists as Tempo Mage is always fun.

Archmage and Yogg in the same deck gives you plenty of win conditions. Look to control the board early with removal spells and drop Faceless Summoner for a good value drop. I like the inclusion of Polymorph, there are some really stubborn minions that need hard removal sometimes like an Earth Elemental or Ragnaros.

I will be playing some games with this list before month end and will update here if I have an impressive win ratio.

ShtanUdachi Reno N’Zoth Mage

ShtanUdachi Reno N'Zoth Mage pt1

ShtanUdachi Reno N'Zoth Mage pt2

This ShtanUdachi Reno N’Zoth Mage is a decklist that’s been successful on this months ladder from the pro player ShtanUdachi. Like all Reno decks there are a lot of powerful cards and synergies in the deck. You need a little luck to draw well, and mage doesn’t have the best card draw so it’s not always the first choice for Reno. But when it works, it’s incredibly fun and can beat any deck in the game.

Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg

This is the Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg that was first put together Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yoggby Hotform as far as I know. I’ve been using it on ladder this month and so far have a 24 – 14 record, which is 71%. Not bad as I climb the top 5 ranks to legend.

The problem is that it’s bad matchups are Warrior and Warlock. Two of the most popular decks on ladder. So, while it’s not the best META choice right now, it’s a fun deck and competitive vs all other classes.

There is always that win condition is Yogg Saron to fall back on. I have a slightly positive win ratio vs Warrior due to Yogg. It’s a spell-heavy deck so you will almost always cast Yogg with more than 10 spells having been used which seems to be the sweet spot.

Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 July

This is the Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 July he was playing on stream. I always enjoy Tempo Mage decks, but feel like most fall a little short vs Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 Julymost of the META decks.

This is an interesting build, the Emperor Thaurissan inclusion along with Archmage Antonidas opens up some interesting possibilities for a torrent on Fireballs. There is one Cabalist’s Tome too for some extra card draw as Tempo Mage is prone to running out of cards fast when you’re blasting your opponent with as much burn and Flamewaker missiles as possible.

I’ve only had the chance to play a few games with this list but it’s a fun build and feels like it can take opponents on longer and not rely on as much top-deck burn to win.


Thijs Reno Freeze Mage Deck

Looking to play a good Freeze Mage in the Old Gods META? This is Thijs Reno Freeze Mage Deckthe Thijs Reno Freeze Mage Deck he was using on ladder with a high win ratio.

It’s a great control deck to get some easy wins on all those aggro decks trying to ladder up fast. The Reno value is insane, there is plenty of burst, heal, and card draw.

Best Mage Deck July 16 Season 28

This is the Best Mage Deck July 16 Season 28 for climbing the ladder Best Mage Deck July 16 Season 28quickly, and with a high win ratio. You can deal with all the early aggro people try to use to rank fast. There is a lot of synergy within the deck and some tactics to learn but it’s not a difficult deck and you will learn as you ladder.

Thijs Tempo Mage with Yogg and Ragnaros

This is the Thijs Tempo Mage with Yogg and Ragnaros he was using on Thijs Tempo Mage with Yogg and Ragnarosstream and playing at <100 legend. It’s a fairly typical deck build for Mage, there are a few tech cards.

I like including one Ethereal Conjurer to give some flexibility depending on who the opponent is and how the game is going. I can’t tell you how many times Ice Block from Ethereal Conjurer has saved me 🙂