Best Rogue Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Rogue Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Rogue Deck August 16 Season 29 ladder climb. It is of course a Miracle Rogue list which is the strongest archetype of Rogue in the current META. Chinese Tempo Rogue can be fast for climbing as the games are quicker, but I doubt you will have the win ratio you will with this list.

This deck plays out by using early removal to keep the board clear until you can hit the Gadgetzan + spells to cycle through your deck. The main win condition is Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood.

Savjz Mill Rogue Deck Old Gods

Savjz Mill Rogue Deck Old GodsThis is the Savjz Mill Rogue Deck Old Gods List. If you have never seen mill rogue you need to check out a video, it’s a deck that just keeps drawing you cards until you mill all your decks and die from fatigue damage.

It’s one of the worst ways to lose and not fun for the person on the receiving end. It’s incredibly fun if you’re the one doing the milling though. It’s not an easy deck to play so expect to lose a few when you’re trying it out.

New Rogue Card Ethereal Peddler

Ethereal Peddler Rogue Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is a look at the New Rogue Card Ethereal Peddler coming as part of the new adventure One Night in Karazhan.

The Battlecry reads: Reduce the Cost of cards in your hand from other classes by (2). This is a new flavour text we have not seen before and it opens up some interesting synergies and deck possibilities.

Rogue has a number of ways to get their hands on cards from other classes, so reducing the cost by two is a huge mana gain. This is a decent statted card too, 5/6 for 5 mana is above the vanilla line.

I see this being played in some deck-types for sure.

ShtanUdachi Miracle Rogue Deck

This is the ShtanUdachi Miracle Rogue Deck list he used to climb to high ShtanUdachi Miracle Rogue Decklegend. It’s the standard list with Leeroy Jenkins as the finisher. Miracle Rogue is still a very relevant and effective on ladder and in tournaments. It takes some practice to become an expert, so don’t be put off by a poor win ratio at first.

Chinese Tempo Rogue Deck

This Chinese Tempo Rogue Deck appeared on ladder this Chinese Tempo Rogue Deckmonth and has picked up in popularity. If you’ve played against a Rogue deck with Silithid Swarmer and Argent Commander, likelihood is you’ve come across this deck.

It’s a decent Rogue deck. I Played it a fair bit but had average results. I think it’s more effective on the Asia server and whatever the META is over there right now. But it’s a cheap deck to make so if you want to play some Rogue and don’t have the Miracle Deck cards, or just want to play a different variation. Give it a go.

Superjj Miracle Rogue Deck List

This is the Superjj Miracle Rogue Deck List he was using Superjj Miracle Rogue Deck Liston stream to ladder. Miracle Rogue is still one of the strongest decks, but it’s not one of the easiest to play.

Give yourself some time to practice and climb with the deck. Once you are familiar with the synergies and have cycled your deck a few times through the Gadgetzan Auctioneer the deck will start to become intuitive and you will be climbing the ladder in a hurry!

Best Rogue Deck July 16 Season 28

This is the Best Rogue Deck July 16 Season 28 for climbing the ladder Best Rogue Deck July 16 Season 28quickly, and with a high win ratio. You can deal with all the early aggro people try to use to rank fast. There is a lot of synergy within the deck and some tactics to learn but it’s not a difficult deck and you will learn as you ladder.