MrYagut Old Gods Aggro Rogue Deck

This is the MrYagut Old Gods Aggro Rogue deck he has some insane MrYagut Old Gods Aggro Roguesuccess with on ladder. It’s an aggressive archetype, there is plenty of face damage and some good synergy.

Rogue moved away from the aggro builds after Old Gods cycled out Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil and Blade Flurry was nerfed. But the success of this decks shows that Rogue is still more than capable of being an aggro deck.

Lack of Big Game Hunter means you can drop a huge Edwin VanCleef, and new removal like Shadow Strike allows you to clear the path to the face, which is the place.

Neviilz Reno C’Thun Rogue Deck

This is the Neviilz Reno C’Thun Rogue Deck he was playing on stream to rack up some legend points. Reno decks are pretty frustrating to play with, and against in my opinion. This is much more fun that the Reno Warlock decks though. You can play for tempo a lot more and not rely on big board clears and come backs.

Neviilz Reno C'Thun Rogue Deck 1

Neviilz Reno C'Thun Rogue Deck 2

Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deck

This is the Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deck he was having success Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deckwith on stream. it has all the typical staple Rogue cards, along with Yogg-Saron for that late game crazy win-condition.

Don’t blame anyone other than yourself if Yogg kills you. You sign up for anything to happen when you play Yogg. Although, when you play it on a board you are behind on, it’s more likely to help you then kill you.

Shadowcaster is an awesome card. You can add a 1/1 to your hand of SI:7 Agent, Xaril, Dark Iron Skulker, Emperor Thaurissan, they all offer insane value.

Cheap Rogue Deck Standard Miracle

How to Play This DeckCheap Rogue Deck Standard Miracle

This is a good Cheap Rogue Deck Standard Miracle build for those who want to play Miracle Rogue but don’t have all the cards. Obviously, it’s not as strong as a complete Miracle Rogue list, but you can still climb the ladder and if you’re free to play it’s one of the strongest decks you can make for this dust value.

Give it a go and let me know what you think. You should be able to pass rank 10 pretty easily, and as you build up gold from quests and winning you can swap in stronger cards.

Miracle Rogue Deck Leeroy Jenkins Old Gods

How to Play This DeckMiracle Rogue Deck Leeroy Jenkins Old Gods

This Miracle Rogue Deck Leeroy Jenkins Old Gods build will take up the ladder in a hurry. Leeroy Jenkins is all over the META right now. Having 6 burst combined with other spells is an extremely powerful finisher. Rogue has a lot of removal spells to keep the board clear, so setting up a combo with a Gadgetzan Auctioneer turn isn’t difficult.

The key value cards to make good use of in this deck are Sap, and Shadowstep. If you can Sap an expensive drop, like Ragnaros, or Edwin Van Cleef then you can set up a huge tempo swing turn. Giving you a window to set up that burst combo.

Conceal your units for a guaranteed lethal and watch your opponents rage concede.

Sjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck

How to Play This DeckSjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck

This is the Sjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck he was playing on stream and it was working out very well for him. I know he’s a pro, but this is a solid deck and if you have all the cards you should have a positive win ratio.

Mulligan for cheap removal early on and use in combination with your hero power to remove your opponents minions. The whole point to the miracle Rogue deck is to get Gadgetzan Auctioneer down and start cycling through your deck.

You are looking to drop a big Edwin Vancleef and a minion with Cold Blood and Conceal them at the end of the turn. No many classes can deal with Concealed minions. You will have free reign to hit face a second time the next turn and usually finish the game.

Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood it also a combination that’s easy to set up when you’re cycling through your cards. Card draw is a powerful mechanic, and a win-condition on its own. Give the deck a go and see how you get on.

N’Zoth Rogue Deck June 2016

How to Play This DeckN'Zoth Rogue Deck June 2016

This N’Zoth Rogue Deck June 2016 is going to be a solid choice on ladder. You have all the normal Rogue mechanics for clearing minions with cost effective spells. Sap, to send the big minions back to the opponent’s hand, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer for crazy card draw.

Mulligan for Journey Below, Backstab, and Undercity Huckster to get off to a flying start. You can drop the biggest Edwin VanCleef you can now that Big Game Hunter is a rare site after the nerf.

It’s a fun deck to play and there are several win conditions. It’s not a low skill deck, so expect a learning curve if you’re new to this deck and Rogue in particular.

Best Rogue Deck June 2016 Season 27

How to Play This DeckBest Rogue Deck June 2016 Season 27

If you’re looking for the Best Rogue Deck June 2016 Season 27 to climb the ladder then try out this N’Zoth build. Rogue has a lot of strong deathrattle cards and bringing them back with N’Zoth the Corrupter is insane value.

This deck includes Gadgetzan Auctioneer for some crazy card draw mid-game to give you a card advantage and more options. The Deathrattle cards you are looking to put into the graveyard before dropping N’Zoth are;

Undercity Huckster

Tomb Pillager

Xaril, Poisoned Mind

Rogue does require a little more skill than some of the straight-to-face aggro decks. But you can ride the learning curve as you ladder up. Once you are familiar with the combinations and how to counter certain decks you will hold a good win ratio.

Tip – Don’t use Preperation then play the Coin! 🙂