Loyan Legend Ladder Shaman Deck June Season

This is a Loyan Legend Ladder Shaman Deck June Season. Shamans are all Loyan Legend Ladder Shaman Deck June Seasonover the META right now and making a few smart tech choices can make all the difference to your win %.

I think Harrison Jones is a must include in this weapon heavy META. In a mirror match, if you steal their Doomhammer you’re going to win. I like Al’Akir the Windlord too, I include this card in most of my Shaman decks because late game burst is always handy.

Neviilz Leeroy OTK Shaman Deck

This is the Neviilz Leeroy OTK Shaman Deck he was playing on stream andNeviilz Leeroy OTK Shaman Deck doing really well with. The Leeroy + Faceless + Windfury combo is insane. You can do 31 out of the hand pretty easily.

You need to land a good Emperor Thauissan turn. But then it’s all plain sailing and burst damage FTW!

Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deck

This Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deck is the deck he used on Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deckstream to do some ladder climbing. It’s a control deck that has enough healing to take you into the late game so you can drop a big minion and give it windfury.

Hallazeal the Ascended – ‘Whenever your spells deal damage, restore that much health to your hero’.

If you can use Elemental Destruction you can clear and heal for an insane amount. That’s the combo to look out for.

Takes a bit of practice to get used to this deck. But after 20 or so games I’m around 60% win ratio. It’s a load of fun, and there are some crazy win-from-behind opportunities.

Cheap Shaman Deck Old Gods Standard

How to Play This DeckCheap Shaman Deck Old Gods Standard

This Cheap Shaman Deck Old Gods Standard is perfect if you’re new to the game, free to play, or just don’t have many cards for whatever reason.

It costs next to nothing to build. I have added a few cards that aren’t common or base level, and they add a lot to the deck so do try and get your hands on these.

It’s a mid range shaman deck with plenty of burst and some good control cards. You have the one card to unlock some mana crystals – Eternal Sentinel, so use it wisely.

Shaman isn’t the easiest deck for new players, but it’s one of the most fun and doesn’t take too long to master. Don’t give up if you hit a losing streak. Cheap decks can only take you so far, but I’d say you can break the top 10 and earn a lot of gold to build up a better collection with this deck for sure.

Everyfin is Awesome Shaman Murloc Deck Old Gods

How to Play This DeckEveryfin is Awesome Shaman Murloc Deck Old Gods

This is one of the more interesting decks I’ve played recently and I’ve had some decent success with it. Check out this Everyfin is Awesome Shaman Murloc Deck Old Gods build. If you have never used Everyfin is Awesome you’re not alone, it’s been an overlooked card since it came out with The Grand Tournament.

I took the staple of a typical Shaman deck and changed a few things to fit the build. I added some murlocs:

Murloc Tidecaller

Sir Finley Mrrgglton

Bilefin Tidehunter

Bluegill Warrior

Murloc Warleader

These are more than enough activators to reduce the cost of Everyfin is Awesome. I usually play the card for 4 or 5 mana, which for a plus 2/2 to all units is worth the cost in my opinion. It’s also worth the shock, because no one is expecting it.

Xixo Bloodlust Shaman Deck

This is the Xixo Bloodlust Shaman Deck seen on ladder and in tournamentXixo Bloodlust Shaman Deck play. The way to play this deck is to value trade while sticking as many minions to the board as possible. Bloodlust gives + 3 to all minions, so it’s not hard to add enough damage for the kill.

Shaman has a lot of strong minions right now. Totems are stronger than ever and you can force your opponent to trade while hitting face and wearing down their life total.

Primal Fusion in an interesting tech card. 1 mana for a 1/1 for each totem on board is a strong and efficient card.

Midrange Shaman Counter Zoolock Build

This Midrange Shaman Counter Zoolock Build is one way to shut down theMidrange Shaman Counter Zoolock Build large amount of Shaman on the ladder right now. There are lots of cards that allow you to value trade up to keep pace with all the value cards in the Shaman deck. There are no overload on these however, so you can start to pull away on value and get an upper hand.

There is loads of synergy with Knife Juggler to snipe off units. As well as a Flame Juggler hitting the target you want. Use Dark Iron Dwarf and Abusive Sergeant to uptrade and leave a body on board.

You have burst to match the midrange Shaman deck too with Leeroy Jenkins, Power Overwhelming, and one copy of Soulfire.

Xixo Aggro Shaman Deck

Xixo is one of the top pro players on the scene, and he is known for his Xixo Aggro Shaman DeckShaman decks. This Xixo Aggro Shaman Deck is the same list as he has been using on ladder and taking to some tournaments.

It’s a pretty typical aggro Shaman. The Thing from Below‘s give you a some options to add a couple of rounds by taunting up compared to the decklists not carrying these.

Mulligan for Tunnel Trogg, Lightning Bolts, and Finley Mrrgglton to get off to a fast start and there are few decks that can keep up. Learn when to SMOrc and when to trade. But if in doubt, always go face! 🙂

Mid Range Shaman Deck to Counter the META

How to Play This DeckMidrange Shaman Deck

With all the early season aggro on the ladder you need to make smart choices if you want to counter a lot of your opponents. Use this Mid Range Shaman Deck to Counter the META heavy with aggro decks.

You have some single target removals to take care of problematic minions. Being shaman, you have some insane burst damage from buffs when needed. And, of course some powerful cards (with overload).

Feral Spirits and Thing from Below are solid taunts to stop early aggro. There is a Lightning Storm and a Mana Tide Totem to keep up with Warlocks.

Thunder Bluff Valiant and Master of Evolution are two late game minions that offer really good value when used at the right times. Along with unlocking your locked mana crystals with Eternal Sentinel.

Best Shaman Deck June 2016 Season 27

How to Play This DeckBest Shaman Deck June 2016 Season 27

Shaman is probably the most popular class right now. It’s the strongest overall in my opinion, and there are a lot of different builds to play around with so it’s fun. This is the Best Shaman Deck June 2016 Season 27 to get started with.

It’s not an all-out aggro build because the aggro Shaman tends to get countered by a number of decks. Especially if it’s really popular. With this midrange build, you can use your early removal and strong overload cards to hold board presence. When you drop Thunder Bluff Valiant and Fire Elemental‘s you’re going to steamroll the game.

If you’re up against a lot of Zoo then switch a Lightening Bolt for another Lightening Storm. You are looking to mulligan for Tunnel Trogg, Flame Juggler, and Flametongue Totem. Keep the totem hero power pumping out the totems to buff with the Flametongue and reduce the cost of Thing from Below. There is a huge amount of value in Shaman cards, especially with overload. Eternal Sentinel removes the locked crystals and if you can use this on two or more crystals you are gaining insane value.