Best Warrior Deck February 2017 Season 35

Best Warrior Deck February 2017 Season 35This is the best warrior list. Control Warrior is fun, especially because it counters Aggo Shaman, but it’s just not strong enough against Reno decks.

Pirate Warrior on the other hand can smash though any opponent with a sweet draw. The games are fast, the climb is fast, if your goal is to hit legend as fast as possible just play this deck.

Sjow Control Warrior Deck Jan 17

Sjow Control Warrior Deck Jan 17This is the Sjow Control Warrior Deck Jan 17. It’s similar to some of the other Control Warrior lists and this is where the META has settled on the best cards for this archetype.

The Dirty Rat + Brawl combo is pretty awesome, but don’t be surprised if it costs you the occasional game when you pull out something crazy.

Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate Warrior

Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate WarriorThere is no escaping the power of Pirate Warrior, and this includes the Wild Format. The deck is actually a little more fun in wild because you have – Ship’s Cannon.

Ship’s Cannon fires a random 2 damage cannon ball every time you play a pirate, and this includes when you summon Patches the Pirate.

So Ship’s Cannon + Pirate means 2 x 2 damage shots. This creates massive tempo swings if the hit minions early in the game.

You also have access to Death’s Bite in Wild. A turn earlier than Arcanite Reaper and a better weapon in my opinion. It’s a really strong deck and a sure bet to climb to legend in Wild.

Best Warrior Deck January 2017 Season 34

Best Warrior Deck January 2017 Season 34No surprises here but the Best Warrior Deck January 2017 Season 34 is Pirate Warrior. Taunt Warrior is fun, Control Warrior is pretty strong, but Pirate Warrior is still pretty silly. You can win any game if your opponent doesn’t draw enough heal or taunts to stop the face damage.

It’s nice and easy to play, the games are fast, and love it or hate it, this deck isn’t going away for a while. There are some decent decks to counter Pirate Warrior if it’s really popular.

Rosty Legend Tempo Warrior Dec 16

Rosty Legend Tempo Warrior Dec 16It’s a good time to dust off the Tempo Warrior deck lists with the META still being aggro-lead. Tempo Warrior was really popular a few months ago due to its ability to survive the early turns vs aggro and stabilize late game with armor gain and huge late game minions like Ysera, Ragnaros, and Varian Wrynn.

Rosty was playing this list at high legend and it’s a good time to play it to counter all those pirate decks.

Thijs Gadgetzan Pirate Dragon Warrior Deck

Thijs Gadgetzan Pirate Dragon Warrior DeckDragon Warrior was one of the top-tier decks over the past few months and although it was overshadowed by Pirates with the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan it’s a still a really strong deck.

In fact, with the addition of Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer it’s even stronger than before.

This is the deck list Thijs used in a recent tournament he won. It’s really on ladder too.

Trump N’Zoth Control Warrior Dec 16

Trump N'Zoth Control Warrior Dec 16This is the Trump N’Zoth Control Warrior Dec 16. Alley Armorsmith and Don Han’Cho are in the list from the latest expansion – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Still a solid deck in the META and this list generates a lot of armor giving you the chance to force a win by fatigue if you have to.