Wild Tier List May 2017: Best Wild Format Decks

With the top 64 on wild May ladder qualifying for a Wild Tournament, it looks like Wild will be a lot more competitive than normal this month.

If you’re new to Wild, the META is a lot more volatile than Standard format. There are some solid Tier 1 decks however, so if climbing as fast as possible is your goal check out this list.

OnePirate Warrior
Egg Token Druid
TwoAggro Shaman
Freeze Mage
Secret Paladin
Murloc Paladin
ThreeN'Zoth Hunter
Jade Druid
Dragon Priest
Tempo Mage

See below for the decklists:

Wild Tier List May 2017

Tier One Wild Decks

Pirate Warrior

Wild Tier List May 2017 Pirate Warrior

Egg Token Druid

Wild Tier List May 2017 Egg Druid


Wild Tier List May 2017 Renolock 1

Wild Tier List May 2017 Renolock 2

Tier Two Wild Decks

Aggro Shaman

Wild Tier List May 2017 Aggro Shaman

Freeze Mage

Wild Tier List May 2017 Freeze Mage

Secret Paladin

Wild Tier List May 2017 Secret Paladin

Murloc Paladin

Wild Tier List May 2017 Anyfin Murloc Paladin

Which Journey to Un’Goro Legendaries to Dust?

With Journey to Un’Goro now fully released and all your gold and dust used, do you have all the legendaries you need to make the best decks?

I know I always seem to get a bunch of the worst legendaries and dust them up to make the ones I need. It sucks that you have to disenchant 4 legendaries to craft one, but it’s worth it for the best cards.

You can check the best legendaries from Un’Goro here if you’re not sure what to craft with your dust. Here are some of the worst legendaries from the Journey to Un’Goro set that aren’t going to be an auto-include:

Journey to Un’Goro Legendaries to Dust

Elise the Trailblazer

Elise the Trailblazer HS Card

Maybe there is a home in control Warrior for this Elise, but it’s not likely and it’s a slow card for 5 random cards that may not even help.






Hemet, Jungle Hunter

Hemet, Jungle Hunter HS Card

There are a lot of cards better than this one, seriously.

Disenchant this guy asap.






Lyra the Sunshard

Lyra the Sunshard HS Priest Card

It’s a shame that Priest got a pretty bad legendary again.

It’s going to be hard to get this minion to stick with these stats, and relying on random spells to win you the game isn’t a good idea. It didn’t work out for Lock n Load.




Sherazin, Corpse Flower

Sherazin, Corpse Flower HS Rogue Card

This card is way too slow, and then getting it back after playing 4 cards in a turn isn’t even a huge reward.







Pyros Elemental HS Mage Card 2 ManaA situational card at best, the vanilla stats per its mana cost will likely cause you to lose tempo and fall behind.

If you get this I’d dust it for a better card that will see a lot more play.

Best Journey to Un’Goro Legendary Cards to Craft

I hope you had plenty of luck opening your Journey to Un’Goro packs and ripped open plenty of legendaries.

Getting all the best legendaries you will need for META decks for the next few months is unlikely from packs, you’re going to need to spend some dust.

It’s expensive spending dust to make legendaries (1600 dust), so you want to make sure you’re crafting cards that will see a lot of play.

Don’t hold me accountable, but I was pretty accurate when recommending Mean Streets of Gadgetzan legendaries that were must haves.

With the Quest mechanic being a new tool, and most of the quests having insane rewards, it’s no surprise that you should craft these for your favorite classes.

There are a few other strong cards too, here are the legendaries from the Un’Goro set to try and add to your collection:

Best Journey to Un’Goro Legendary Cards to Craft

Neutral Legendaries

There are less really strong neutral legendary minions than in previous expansions, however these are going to be a staple in several deck archetypes:

Spiritsinger Umbra

Spiritsinger Umbra HS Card

This is an interesting card. Not always going to be easy to pull off on curve, but loads of potential at different stages of the game.

It’s one of those cards that has pseudo-taunt too, your opponent will have to kill it or be punished.





Ozruk HS Card

Blizzard has been generous with the quality of the Elemental cards in general.

With a large amount of low-cost Elementals and other synergies, at turn 9 it’s realistic that you will be able to drop Ozruk as a 5/15 or a 5/20.

With Taunt that’s pretty crazy.



Class Legendaries

Most of the quests are good enough to build a deck around, there are some pretty decent class legendaries too, here is the best of the bunch:


Druid – Jungle Giants Quest

Jungle Giants HS Druid Quest Card Barnabus the Stomper HS Druid Card

Shouldn’t be too hard to activate this quest with some early ramp. Once your minions cost 0, and you play an 8/8 for 5 mana things are going to get crazy.

Priest – Awaken the Makers

Awaken the Makers HS Priest Card Amara Warden of Hope

Control Priest is going to be a top-tier deck when the new expansion is out. Deathrattle minions are usually pretty awesome, then you get rewarded with an 8/8 for 5 mana and 40 health!

Shaman – Unite the Murlocs

Unite the Murlocs HS Shaman Card Megafin HS Shaman Card

Murloc Shaman is going to be a real deck with this quest and some other cards coming with the expansion. It combines card draw with a load of crazy murlocs.

Warlock – Lakkari Sacrifice

Lakkari Sacrifice HS Warlock Card Nether Portal HS Warlock Card

This is the real meaning of infinite value. Discardlock is a powerfularchetypee, now you have the added reward of 3/2 Imps popping out a portal afterwards.

Class Minions

King Mosh

King Mosh HS Warrior Card

This dino is a pretty efficient board clear tool in control Warrior with a whirlwind effect, and it leaves a 9/7 body on the board.






Kalimos, Primal Lord

kalimos Primal Lord HS Shaman Card

This card is crazy strong. You can see all of the Elemental Invocation options here.

Shaman Elemental decks are going to be really strong.





Swamp King Dred

Swamp King Dred HS Hunter Card

Not only is this guy a 9/9 for 7 mana, he’s also a beast, and he immediately eats up any minions your opponent plays.

Insane value, awesome mechanic, and a must play in beast Hunter decks.

List of Potions You Can Get from Kabal Chemist

Kabal Chemist HS Tri-class Card

One of the cards from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion was Kabal Chemist.

It’s a tri-class card playable by Mage, Warlock, and Priest, and the battlecry adds a random potion to your hand.


Some of the potions are pretty good, check out the list below for a list of all the possible potions you can recieve.

List of Potions You Can Get from Kabal Chemist

Keep in mind that there are 10 potions, so you have a 10% chance to receive any particular card. Worth weighing up your odds against other plays if you’re searching for a particular out.

CardMana CostEffect
Freezing Potion0Freeze an enemy.
Potion of Polymorph3Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, transform it into a 1/1 sheep.
Volcanic Potion3Deal 2 damage to all minions.
Potion of Madness1Gain control of an enemy minion with 2 or less Attack until end of turn.
Pint-Size Potion1Give all enemy minions -3 Attack this turn only.
Greater Healing Potion4Restore 12 Health to a friendly character.
Dragonfire Potion6Deal 5 damage to all minions except Dragons.
Bloodfury Potion3Give a minion +3 Attack. If it's a Demon, also give it +3 Health.
Blastcrystal Potion4Destroy a minion and one of your Mana Crystals.
Felfire Potion6Deal 5 damage to all characters.

Pint-Size Potion HS Priest Card Potion of Polymorph HS Mage Card Volcanic Potion HS Mage Card Felfire Potion HS Warlock Card Blastcrystal Potion HS Warlock Card Greater Healing Potion HS Priest Card Freezing Potion HS Mage Card Dragonfire Potion HS Priest Card Potion of Madness HS Priest CardBloodfury Potion HS Warlock Card

Decks to Counter Pirate Warrior With

We are only 2-3 days into the Gadgetzan META and things are still very unstable, but one thing we do know is that the Pirate tribe got a massive boost in strength.

Pirate Warrior is very popular on ladder, mostly due to being very easy and quick to play. It’s also really annoying to loose too as it only takes a few rounds and you feel powerless when they draw well.

But fear not! There are some decks that counter Pirate Warrior really well, so you can shut them down, counter the META, and bag some easy wins.

Decks to Counter Pirate Warrior With

Stancifka’s Rank 1 Legend Renolock

Stancifka Rank 1 Legend Renolock Gadgetzan ListThis is the list that only took Stancifka a couple of days to climb to rank one legend with. So, you know he killed off a lot of pirate warriors and had a good win ratio vs the deck.

Renolock is not the easiest deck to play but once momentum is on your side it just gets stronger and stronger.

Control the board while healing and keeping out of lethal range and set up the Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming + Faceless Manipulator combo.





apDrop’s Pirate Rogue

apDrop Pirate Rogue Gadgetzan DeckapDrop was 13-0 vs Pirate Warrior when I was watching him play this list on his stream.

This list is perfectly balanced to shut down Pirate Warriors.

You have taunts to stop their weapon going face, loads of burst of your own, and spells to help clear the board without sacrificing face or minion damage.





Kolento’s Jade Druid

Kolento Jade Golem Druid DeckI watched Kolento play a lot of his Jade Druid and he was shutting down Pirate Warriors.

The early turns can be a little shaky, but the synergy of Fandral Staghelm with various cards can turn the board.

Cycling through Gadgetzan gives you a card advantage, and the 5/10 Ancient of War puts up a wall they find difficult to get through.

Which Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendaries to Dust?

With Mean Streets of Gadgetzan released and all your packs opened do you still need some of the best legendaries from the expansion?

You need to dust the bad legendaries that will not be used much and craft the ones that will see more play. Dust is a finite resource though, so you have to make careful decisions.

Here are some of the legendaries that I recommend dusting though, they aren’t going to be an auto-include in any decks and are just fun cards at best.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendaries to Dust

Here are some of the legendaries that aren’t seeing immediate play, and don’t look like they are META breaking or worth sitting in your collection when you could be crafting better ones;

Genzo, the Shark

Genzo, the Shard HS Legendary CardIf like me, you got this guy from a pack then you should dust him.

He fits into a niche mill deck somewhere I’m sure, but it’s not worth keeping Genzo for that use.



Mayor Noggenfogger

Mayor Noggenfogger HS Legendary CardI can’t even image what deck you would want to put Mayor Noggenfogger in. He reminds me of Mogor the Ogre and I never looked back after dusting that one.

Turn him into 400 dust towards a decent legendary, or some other cards.



Auctionmaster Beardo

Auctionmaster Beardo HS Legendary Card

This is another legendary with a fringe use. You still need to pay 2 mana for your hero power so how are you going to fit in spells + more hero powers?

Turn this guy into dust and if you don’t have Patches the Pirate yet it’s better spent in that direction.

Madam Goya

Madam Goya HS Legendary CardThis is an interesting card and there is loads of fun you can have with Madam Goya.

But with so many good legendaries to dust it’s not worth keeping for those low tier fun decks.

What Are Jade Golems and How Do They Scale Up?

You may have started to notice several cards from the Jade Faction in the the upcoming expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan summon Jade Golems.

Aya Blackpaw HS Legendary CardThe Legendary card from Jade for example, is Aya Blackpaw.

As you can see from the card text you summon a Jade Golem from both the Battlecry and the Deathrattle of this minion.

Jade Golems are minions that start at 1/1 when you summon the first one. They then grow +1/+1 in stats for every extra Jade Golem you summon.

So, Aya Blackpaw will summon a 1/1 when you play her. Then when she is killed off you will see a 2/2 spawn. (unless you have summoned more in the meanwhile).

Jade Golem HS Card 1 Attack Jade Golem HS Card 30 Attack

It’s not clear yet how many cards will summon Jade Golems in a single game. The 30/30 is possible, but just used here as an example.

With Brann Bronzebeard doubling up the battlecries there is some potential for a lot of Golems hitting the board. We will have to see how it plays out when the new expansion is released in a few weeks.

Best and Worst Minions from Firelands Portal

Firelands Portal Mage Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanFirelands Portal is is a 7-cost Mage card that was released as part of the adventure One Night in Karazhan. It started a series of Portal cards that were different to what we have previously seen. It has burn like the core Mage spells, but it also drops a random 5-cost minion on the board.

To understand this cards value we need to know what are the best and worst minions from Firelands Portal. What the average stats we can expect for a drop is, and how much value the card has.

Best and Worst Minions from Firelands Portal

Obviously the ‘best’ minion depends on your board state and what you need to help you in your current game. There are a few great 5-cost drops though based on stats and their card text, here are the 3 best overall:

Best 5-Cost Minions from Firelands Portal

Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental Hearthstone Card Shaman

This is the highest stat 5-cost minion currently in the game. A 7/8 for 5 is ridiculous, plus it has taunt.

This is because to play Earth Elemental from hand as a Shaman also comes with an overload of 3 mana. But being randomly dropped you skip the overload.

This is the drop you almost always want. The only downside to getting this minion is if you’re opponent wins with burst to the face. In which case maybe a charge minion would have saved you, or maybe not.


Doomguard Hearthstone Card Warlock

Another minion with high stats because it has a big downside when played from the hand.

Doomguard is one of the best charge minions in the game, and getting it from a Firelands Portal means no discarded cards. This drop is almost always going to have a huge impact on the board if you get it from a Firelands Portal.

When you cast Firelands Portal if your End Turn button is yellow you know there is something to do before clicking it so don’t speed-play without checking if you have a charge minion like this.

Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins Hearthstone CardAnother high attack charge minion possibility from Firelands Portal is Leeroy Jenkins.

No Whelps for your opponent either, and with 6 attack you can almost always kill a large threat on the board. It’s drops like this that can save you in a game and give you a tempo swing.

I’ve closed out a game by getting Leeroy a few times and it always feels good.

Worst 5-Cost Minions from Firelands Portal

Starving Buzzard

Starvng Buzzard Hearthstone Card HunterThis is the lowest stat minion you can get from a Firelands Portal, and it always makes me feel sad when I see it.

7 mana for 5 damage plus this minion isn’t good value, and if you’re not ahead on board you will suffer for it.

This is how the card balances, you have to roll and hope for good RNG, but sometimes you roll low.

Faceless Manipulator

Faceless Manipulator Hearthstone Card

There are a few 3/3’s in Standard Format as you will see from the table below. This is an example of an excellent 5-cost minion when you’re playing it from hand, but it sucks with its vanilla stats.

These are the kind of minions you need to factor into your calculation when deciding where to fire the burn damage.

Complete List of 5-Cost Minions in Hearthstone (up to Karazhan Release)

Here is a complete list of all the 5-cost minions in the game. I’ve included the attack and health stats, along with any card text that is relevant. No battlecries as you don’t get that benefit from the drop.

Remember that some of these minions are not in Standard Format. They are all in Arena Mode, and Wild Format though.

MinionAttackHealthCard Text
Starving Buzzard32Whenever you summon a Beast, draw a card.
Summoning Stone06Whenever you cast a spell, summon a random minion of the same Cost.
Junkbot15Whenever a friendly Mech dies, gain +2/+2.
Antique Healbot33
Bomb Lobber33
Faceless Manipulator33
Ram Wrangler33
Big Game Hunter42
Stormpike Commando42
Grim Patron33Whenever this minion survives damage, summon another Grim Patron.
Blingtron 300034
Dark Iron Skulker43
Bolvar Fordragon17
Stampeding Kodo35
Abomination44Taunt. Deathrattle: Deal 2 damage to ALL characters.
Cult Apothecary44
Druid of the Claw44
Druid of the Fang44
Silver Hand Knight44
Frostwolf Warlord44
Validated Doomsayer07At the beginning of your turn, set this minion's Attack to 7.
Tundra Rhino25Your Beasts have Charge.
King of Beasts26Taunt.
Thunder Bluff Valiant36Inspire: Give your Totems +2 Attack.
Mukla's Champion43Inspire: Give your other minions +1/+1.
Azure Drake44Spell Damage +1.
Floating Watcher44Whenever yor hero takes damage on your turn, gain +2/+2.
Darkshire Alchemist45
Mimiron's Head45At the start of your turn, if you have at least 3 mechs, destroy them all and form V-07-TR-0N.
Darkscale Healer45
Blackwing Corruptor54
Captain Greenskin54
Harrison Jones54
Madder Bomber54
Servant of Yogg-Saron54
Cobalt Guardian63Whenever you summon a Mech, gain Divine Shield.
Ethereal Conjurer63
Hemet Nesingwary63
Crazed Worshipper36Taunt.
Fen Creeper36Taunt.
Shado-Pan Rider37
Anubisath Sentinel44Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion +3/+3.
Kvaldir Raider44Inspire: Gain +2/+2.
Djinni of Zephyrs46After you cast a spell on another friendly minion, cast a copy of it on this one.
Spiteful Smith46Enrage: Your weapon has +2 Attack.
Recruiter54Inspire: Add 2/2 Squire to your hand.
Booty Bay Bodyguard54Taunt.
Clockwork Knight55
Dragon Consort55
Elite Tauren Chieftain55
Siege Engine55Whenever you gain Armor, give this minion +1 Attack.
Tuskarr Jouster55
Upgraded Repair Bot55
Gurubashi Berserker27Whenever this minion takes damage, gain +3 Attack.
Psych-o-Tron34Taunt. Divine Shield.
Sludge Belcher35Taunt. Deathrattle: Summon a 1/2 Slime with Taunt.
Nexus Champion Saraad45Inspire: Add a random spell to your hand.
Hallazeal the Ascended46Whenever your spells deal damage, restore that much Health to your hero.
Spectral Knight46Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers.
Feugen47Deathrattle: If Stalagg also died this game, summon Thaddius.
Naga Sea Witch55Your cards cost (5).
Stranglethorn Tiger55Stealth.
Pit Fighter56
Usher of Souls56
Leeroy Jenkins62Charge.
Princess Huhuran65
Twilight Darkmender65
Corrupted Healbot66Deathrattle: Restore 8 Health to the enemy hero.
Ogre Ninja66Stealth. 50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
Salty Dog74
Stalagg74Deathrattle: If Feugen also died this game, summon Thaddius.
Venture Co. Mercernary76Your minions cost (3) more.
Fel Reaver88Whenever your opponent plays a card, remove the top 3 cards of your deck.
Earth Elemental78Taunt.

How to Beat Heroic Karazhan Free Medivh Prince Malchezaar The Spire Wing

If you want to know how to beat Heroic Karazhan Free Medivh Prince Malchezaar The Spire Wing this post will give you a decent decklist and video tutorial.

By beating Prince Malchezaar boss in The Spire on normal mode you unlock the following cards:


Malchezaar’s Imp

Ironforge Portal

Violet Illusionist

Medivh, the Guardian

Prince Malchezaar

Completing the bosses on heroic mode gives you another cardback. It’s also pretty challenging and a chance to test your skills against some strong AI.

There are two bosses to beat in this last battle. Nazra Wildaxe is the first boss, she is basically an aggressive warrior. After beating her the board is cleared with a Twisting Nether and then Prince Malchezaar appears.

The following video shows a smart way of beating this boss with Shaman and some Kel’Thuzad trickery. Check it out and see if you can repeat and clear up the last boss in the adventure One Night in Karazhan.

How to Beat Heroic Karazhan Free Medivh Prince Malchezaar The Spire Wing

Class Cards

2 x Lightning Bolt
2 x Rockbiter Weapon
2 x Tunnel Trogg
2 x Ancestral Spirit
2 x Flametongue Totem
1 x Stormcrack
2 x Totem Golem
2 x Far Sight
1 x Healing Wave
1 x Mana Tide Totem
2 x Tuskarr Totemic
1 x Earth Elemental

Neutral Cards

2 x Annoy-o-Tron
2 x Pompous Thespian
2 x Psych-o-Tron
1 x Foe Reaper 4000
1 x Kel’Thuzad
2 x Clockwork Giant

How to Beat Heroic Karazhan Netherspite The Spire Wing

If you want to know how to beat Heroic Karazhan Netherspite The Spire Wing this post will give you a decent decklist and video tutorial.

By beating the Netherspite boss in The Spire on normal mode you unlock the following cards:

Netherspite Historian

Book Wyrm

Completing the bosses on heroic mode gives you another cardback. It’s also pretty challenging and a chance to test your skills against some strong AI.

The key to beating this boss is by using cheap, durable taunts. Warlock is the best class for this and you can flood the board pretty easily. The following video and decklist will show you how to do it.

How to Beat Heroic Karazhan Netherspite The Spire Wing

Deck List for Heroic Karazhan Netherspite The Spire Wing

Deck List for Heroic Karazhan Netherspite The Spire Wing