Strifecro Grinder Mage with Video and Decklist

Strifecro is well-known for his Grinder Mage decks and this is one of the lists I’ve been playing over in Wild Format. It’s actually really fun, although not for your opponents. 🙂

Here is a video, which I have to say is incredibly educational. Strifecro is an awesome commentator and does a great job of talking through his plays. If you’re looking to improve at Hearthstone in any way then you should be watching some Strifecro vids.

Strifecro Grinder Mage with Video and Decklist

Strifecro Grinder Mage with Video and Decklist

Which Hearthstone Decks Are Most Popular?

The answer to this question does change over time of course. But which Hearthstone decks are most popular and continue to be so?

There have been some constant decks that have stuck around for a long time and have changed with the META while essentially staying the same. Some decks that have been around for what seems like forever include:


This is a Warlock deck that get’s its name ‘zoolock’ because it involves dropping as many cheap minions as possible. Loosely resembling a zoo by having a load of animals around running riot, right?

Check out a Zoolock deck here.

Face Hunter

Possibly the easiest deck to play, and one of the cheapest to build. So it’s always been a popular choice and will often be seen being played at lower ranks regardless of how it performs in the current META.

Check out a Face Hunter deck here.

Control Warrior

Also known as ‘wallet warrior’ due to its high cost and the amount of legendary cards in the deck. It’s a frustrating deck to play against because you know it’s going to be a long game. Control warriors do as the name suggests, they control the game with lots of removal and weapons.

Check out a Control Warrior deck here.

Tempo Mage

Since the release of Blackrock Mountain and the Mage class was given Flamewakers, Tempo Mage has been a very popular deck. It’s fairly easy to play and strong in most META games. It does however rely on a lot of RNG and can be incredibly frustrating. You’re constantly firing missiles that hit random targets, so good luck!

Check out a Tempo Mage deck here.

Ramp Druid

The key cards in the Druid class are ‘ramp’ cards. This means they extra mana crystal either permanently or temporarily to help you cast more expensive spells, or drop more expensive minions than your opponent. ‘Cheating mana’ is an incredibly powerful mechanic, dropping a 5 drop on turn one by playing double Innervate for example can all but end the game right then.

Check out a Ramp Druid deck here.

Aggro Pally

Aggressive Paladin builds have been around since the release of Hearthstone. Paladin has a couple of key cards that make aggressive builds very effective. Equality, which sets every minion’s health on the board to 1. And, Consecration which is a 2 damage AOE spell. Used either in combination or tactfully on their own you can gain good board advantage to start rushing your opponents face.

Check out an Aggro Pally deck here.

Why Is Hearthstone So Popular?

To find out why is Hearthstone so popular, let’s first look at how popular Hearthstone is. According to these published statistics;

Hearthstone was launched in March 2014. Between the launch period and April of 2016 the game now has 50,000,000 registered players. This is a huge number for an online game!

Part of the reason for this is the sheer volume of players that were already on the Battlenet platform playing other Blizzard games. There is always a lot of loyalty among gamers, and every Blizzard game that’s released will always attract a large number of their existing customers.

It takes a truly fun and interesting game to keep the players through, and this is where Hearthstone excels. It’s incredibly easy to get to grips with, has very few barriers to entry, and the paywall isn’t steep at all. You can earn most of the in-game cards you need with some hard work and patients grinding in game.

Hearthstone Is Easy to Learn How to Play

When you first log into Hearthstone and register an account you get taken through a tutorial. This shows you how to play the game and what’s the mechanics are. If you have played World of Warcraft before you will recognise a lot of the card names and art, something that makes it easy to transition over.

On one hand it can feel overwhelming as there are hundreds of different cards to choose from. But once you have the basics down, it’s just a matter of reading each card’s text and understanding what they do. The tutorial is pretty thorough, you will come out of it ready to take on some real opponents.

PvP Fun and Other Modes of Play

For a lot of people, and certainly for me, the real fun with games is in PvP. Testing yourself against other real players just can’t be matched by AI. This is what makes up the bulk of play in Hearthstone. The following modes of play are as follows:

Ranked Play

This involves going head to head with other players. You start at rank 25 and can work your way all the way up to Legend Rank. It’s a difficult and often frustrating mode of play, but it puts everyone in a pool with their best decks to see who is the best. Although there are several nuances to the ladder system that I will discuss in more detail at a later date.

As of April 2016, ranked play has been split into two different modes.

Wild Format – This format allows the use of any cards from your collection.

Standard Format – This format only allows the use of cards from the current and last calendar years.

Solo Adventures

There are various solo adventures that take you though different set scenarios vs NPC battles. These are sets of cards and adventures released every few months. To date the following adventures have been released:


Blackrock Mountain

League of Explorers

You can play through these levels on Normal Mode to earn the cards. Then test yourself on Heroic Mode to earn a new Card Back. There are also a series of Class Challenges per release.

Arena Play

The arena is a mode where you get to choose a class from 3 randomly presented to you. Then you get to choose all 30 cards to fill your deck one at a time from 3 randomly presented. So you end up using your judgement and skill to pick the best possible deck from the options. You then go head-to-head with other players. The maximum wins you can have is 12, while 3 losses mean your run comes to an end.

You receive results based on how many wins you’ve achieved. Arena is also incredibly hard to master, I’ve had a few 12 wins myself but it took a lot of attempts and a good chunk of luck.

Tavern Brawl

Every Wednesday there is a random Tavern Brawl game. It can be anything from a pre-set deck that only includes Webspinners, to you crafting a deck with only two cards of your choice. It’s a fun mode, but can’t be taken seriously in my opinion. Almost all the brawls are heavy on RNG and kind of crazy.

So as you can there is more than enough to do to keep you busy in Hearthstone. There is plenty for new and experienced players and many ways to test yourself. It’s difficult to make it to the higher ranks, but the challenge is fun.

So if you hear someone ask, “Why Is Hearthstone So Popular?” You are well equipped to asnwer them. After all, why do you love playing the game?

5 Whispers of the Old Gods Epic Cards to Dust

Dust is the currency you use to craft cards in Hearthstone. You can craft cards you need, disenchant cards you don’t need, and make additional copies of cards in either normal or gold versions.

You can either get cards by buying or earning car packs, which gives you 5 random cards per pack. Or you can craft the exact cards you want from dust. You should always be very sure before crafting cards as you lose a lot of dust. Which is why I’ve put together 5 Whispers of the Old Gods Epic Cards to Dust.

Epic cards give you 100 dust a time, or they cost 400 dust to make. So as you can see you use 4 times as much to make a card as it costs to disenchant it. So you better be sure before pressing that button.


disenchanting a legendary hearthstone card

Crafting Dust Values Guide

Here is a table showing the amount of dust you will receive or spend when making and disenchanting cards of different rarity.

Card RarityCraft Dust CostDisenchant Dust CostGolden Craft Dust CostGolden Disenchant Dust Cost
White - Common40540050
Blue - Rare10020800100
Purple - Epic4001001600400
Orange - Legendary1600400320016000

5 Whispers of the Old Gods Epic Cards to Dust

Blood of The Ancient One Hearthstone CardBlood of The Ancient One – Neutral Card

‘If you control two of these at the end of your turn, merge them into ‘The Ancient One’.’

This card is way too slow. Having one, or even two of these stay alive in the late game so they can form another unit is next to zero. Disenchant these and use the dust for a card that’s going to see play.

By the way, ‘The Ancient One’ is a massive 30/30 minion. Here is a video showing you it, as this is possibly the only time you’re going to see it. 🙂

Tentacles for Arms – Warrior CardTentacles for Arms Hearthstone Card

‘Deathrattle: Return this to your hand.’

This card may have its place in a long, drawn out fatigue game. But how many games do you want to play where this ‘may’ end up offering some value?

I’d say disenchant it, it’s never going to see any sustained play or inclusion in decks. There are so many better options at the 5 mana cost mark.

Blood Warriors – Warrior CardBlood Warriors Hearthstone Card

‘Add a copy of each damaged friendly minion to your hand.’

Another Warrior card for the dust pile. Blood Warriors is a good idea, you get to add some cards to your hand in a similar way to using battle rage.

It’s just far too unreliable though. There will be lots of games when you never get the opportunity to use this card, and dead cards in hand are very detrimental to your game.

Validated Doomsayer Hearthstone CardValidated Doomsayer – Neutral Card

‘At the start of your turn, set this minion’s Attack to 7.’

This is another card with a huge risk, and doesn’t have the cost that makes it worth it. For 5 mana, the chance of having a 7/7 the following turn is just too risky and costly.

I find it hard to see this being played in any form of deck for the foreseeable future. So dust it and move on I say.

Darkspeaker Hearthstone CardDarkspeaker – Neutral Card

‘Battlecry: Swap stats with a friendly minion.’

This card isn’t going to see play. What benefit is there to swapping stats with a friendly minion and at a cost of 5 mana?

Even if you swap with a high stat minion, you’re dropping that minions’ stats after you do it. I just can’t see a place for this card, even in experimental decks. It’s better off as dust if you pull any copies from card packs.

Why Do Warriors Always Have Fiery War Axe in Their Opening Hand

If you have been playing Hearthstone for any length of time you will comeFiery War Axe Hearthstone Card across a Warriors playing Firey War Axe on turn two an
d destroying your 1 or 2 mana drop. War Axe comes with two charges, so they usually get to remove your next drop too. It’s incredibly annoying and gives the Warrior player a decent tempo start.

If you find yourself asking the following:

Why Do Warriors Always Have Fiery War Axe in Their Opening Hand?

You are not alone! Trust me, we have all wondering the same thing. But how likely is it statistically that your opponent will have the Firey War Axe in their opening hand?

Let’s look at the basic math behind this scenario:

Chance of Drawing Firey War Axe on Turn One/Two

If your opponent is going first the chance of them not drawing the Firey War Axe from their 30 card deck based on two copies is:

(28 / 30) * (27 / 29) * (26 / 28)

Then there is the option to mulligan the hand to dig deeper into the deck for a copy:

((28 / 30) * (27 / 29) * (26 / 28))^2

This means, taking into account the next turn too the chance of not drawing a copy of Firey War Axe is:

((28 / 30) * (27 / 29) * (26 / 28))^2*(25/27)*(24/26)

What does all this boring math mean as an overall percentage?

Your opponent has 45% chance of having a Firey War Axe on turn two ready to smash your early minions.

When you look at the numbers like this it’s hard to believe that your opponents ‘always’ have the axe. A lot of this is just your perception. You remember the times they have it more than the times they don’t. Luck and numbers can feel so cruel at times, there’s a lot of RNG to deal with in Hearthstone!

The Conspiracy Theories behind Firey War Axe and More

Now, this is all pure speculation and conspiracy theories based on nothing other than wild rumours. But, there is a belief among many players that certain cards are ‘weighted’ to draw differently.

Certain cards are key to classes to be able to operate and compete with other classes. With Warrior it’s the Firey War Axe, with Warlock it’s Power Overwhelming, Rogue is Backstab, and so on.

Ever notice how all the above cards seem to always draw early or be in the persons opening hand? Conspiracy, or something more to this, I will let you decide.


5 Whispers of the Old Gods Legendary Cards to Dust

Dust is the currency you use to make cards in Hearthstone. You can disenchant duplicate cards for their dust value, or make cards that you don’t have in your collection. Or, if you need a second copy.

There are two ways to get cards. You either get them in a pack you opened, or you craft them from dust. Which is why I have put together 5 Whispers of the Old Gods Legendary cards to dust so you can get rid of dead cards in your collection and craft some useful ones.

If you don’t know how to disenchant cards, just click on a card in your collection to see the options below. Click disenchant, and you will receive the dust value as shown.

As you will see from the table below you lose 4 times the value and more when disenchanting and making a card of the same rarity. So it’s very important you never disenchant a card you will want to make again later!

disenchanting a legendary hearthstone card

Crafting Dust Values Guide

Here is a table showing the amount of dust you will receive or spend when making and disenchanting cards of different rarity.

Card RarityCraft Dust CostDisenchant Dust CostGolden Craft Dust CostGolden Disenchant Dust Cost
White - Common40540050
Blue - Rare10020800100
Purple - Epic4001001600400
Orange - Legendary1600400320016000

5 Whispers of the Old Gods Legendary Cards to Dust

No one can say a card will never be relevant. But you can have a very good idea based on stats the trends in the META how likely it is certain cards will ever be used. The following cards are not used at all right now. It’s also very unlikely they will see play in the near future, or possibly ever.

If you pull these legendaries out of a pack my advice is to dust them and use the dust to make cards that you will actually use in competitive decks.

Anomalus Hearthstone CardAnomalus – Mage Legendary

‘Deathrattle: Deal 8 damage to all minions.’

This card doesn’t fit well into the mage builds and archetypes. An 8/6 for 8 mana needs a serious upside to be played. This card has a downside, dealing 8 damage to the board is not what you want as a mage. This means it damages your minions as well as your opponents.

It’s designed for a very slow control deck, which has never worked very effectively with mage. There is potential for it to be included in a Reno Mage build, but you’re much better off with the dust.

Cho’gallWarlock LegendaryCho'gall Hearthstone Card

‘Battlecry: The next spell you cast this turn costs Health instead of Mana.’

This is an interesting battlecry, and you can imagine some scenarios where it would be useful. So, why is no one playing this card? It’s just too situational and costly for that purpose.

If you have this card you can dust it safe in the knowledge that it’s donating dust to a better cause. A card that you will use often and not just have sitting in your collection.

Nat, the Darkfisher Hearthstone Card

Nat, the DarkfisherNeutral Legendary

‘At the start of your opponent’s turn, they have a 50% chance to draw an extra card.’

This is just a horrible card. Why would you want to give your opponent the chance to draw cards? It only has a 2/4 body too, nothing to get excited about dropping on curve and not worth the downside.

This guy pops out of shredders in wild and it’s just a nightmare. If you have been unlucky/lucky enough to get this from a pack dust it as soon as you can.

Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Hearthstone Card

Y’Shaarj, Rage UnboundNeutral Legendary

‘At the end of your turn, put a minion from your deck into the battlefield.’

There were 4 Gods released with the Whispers of the Old Gods set release. Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound is by far the weakest and doesn’t see any play.

It’s just too slow for the current META, and the foreseeable future. To use 10 mana and play this card, have it live a turn and then pull something of value from your hand is too much to ask.

Soggoth the SlithererNeutral Legendary

Soggoth the Slitherer Hearthstone Card‘Taunt: Can’t be targeted by spells or hero Powers.’

I have pulled two of these from card packs and sent them both to the dust grinder. It’s not the worst card by far, and I can see it being used as a replacement for other cards in some instances. But you’re much better off dusting it in the long run.

At 9 mana there are so many really powerful cards available that are a lot better than this card it’s hard to ever imagine it being relevant.

So, there you have it. 5 Whispers of the Old Gods legendary cards to dust if you have them in your collection. There is no point having dead cards holding up you building out more decks that you can use now on the ladder and have fun.

Firebat OTK Warrior Tournament Deck

This is a video showing the Firebat OTK Warrior Tournament Deck he played recently in the Starladder group stages to finish his opponent in one turn.

There are several combo pieces, but once you have them all in hand you are going to do 30+ damage to your opponent. Similar to the deck Thijs played, this OTK warrior is a hot deck right now and works well on ladder too, so give it a go.

Tavern Brawl 51 Cart Crash at the Crossroads Review

This Tavern Brawl 51 Cart Crash at the Crossroads Review looks at this weeks (01st June 2016) Tavern Brawl.

You get two combine two different classes together and have a random selection of cards from both classes to use. You control the hero you chose first, so take that into account when deciding what hero power you want to use.

It’s pretty heavy on the RNG side like most Taverl Brawls, but it’s fun.

Thijs Shows You How to Play OTK Warrior with Worgen Combo

In this video Thijs shows you how to play OTK Warrior with Worgen Thijs Shows You How to Play OTK Warrior with Worgen ComboCombo. This is a viable ladder and tournament deck. The deck consists of a lot of card cycling cards to find the combo pieces. Then you want to land a well-placed Emperor Thauissan to discount all your combo pieces.

You are looking to play:

Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage

This gives you ann 8/3 with windfury!

Use Faceless Manipulator and you have two 8/3’s!

You can do all of this for 10 mana as you weill see in the video below.

Trolden Funny and Lucky Moments ep 168

If you have never watched a Trolden video you’ve been missing out. This is Trolden Funny and Lucky Moments ep 168. Trolden puts together highlights of crazy RNG moments in Hearthstone. He has a really high production value and makes videos that are fun to watch. This video includes:

Servant of Yogg-Saron craziness

Madder Bomber cleaning up

Some ridicilous Prist card stealing

and the suicidewell!