Fr0zen Warrior Prelim Deck w Finja and Murlocs

Finja Hearthstone Art

Fr0zen Warrior Prelim Deck w Finja and MurlocsAt the NA Winter Prelims this weekend (28-29th February) we will be seeing this Fr0zen Warrior Prelim Deck w Finja and Murlocs.

It’s an interesting build. It has the strength of the Pirate synergies, as well as the Murloc package of Finja, Murloc Warleaders, and Bluegill Warriors.

Fr0zen has obviously tested the deck and think it’s legit good, so it’s going to be interesting to see how well it does.

Finja is one of the best legendaries from the MSG set when it gets to pull out two Murlocs. I can see this deck steamrolling Aggro Shaman.

What do you guys think, a new META deck is about to be unvailed?

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