ShtanUdachi Midrange Shaman Deck

This is the ShtanUdachi Midrange Shaman Deck list that he’s been playingShtanUdachi Midrange Shaman Deck at high legend on ladder. An interesting choice is the double Master of Evolution and Double Mana Tide Totem. Greedy on card draw which you can pull off in the midrange lists, and the Master of Evolutions are
awesome swing cards if you upgrade a damaged minion and RNG brings you something really good.

It’s a list worth trying if you’re looking for something a little different. Shaman is one of the strongest classes in the Old Gods META so you can’t go far wrong, and it’s not hard to play. Have fun!

ShtanUdachi Miracle Rogue Deck

This is the ShtanUdachi Miracle Rogue Deck list he used to climb to high ShtanUdachi Miracle Rogue Decklegend. It’s the standard list with Leeroy Jenkins as the finisher. Miracle Rogue is still a very relevant and effective on ladder and in tournaments. It takes some practice to become an expert, so don’t be put off by a poor win ratio at first.

ShtanUdachi Reno N’Zoth Mage

ShtanUdachi Reno N'Zoth Mage pt1

ShtanUdachi Reno N'Zoth Mage pt2

This ShtanUdachi Reno N’Zoth Mage is a decklist that’s been successful on this months ladder from the pro player ShtanUdachi. Like all Reno decks there are a lot of powerful cards and synergies in the deck. You need a little luck to draw well, and mage doesn’t have the best card draw so it’s not always the first choice for Reno. But when it works, it’s incredibly fun and can beat any deck in the game.

Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg

This is the Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg that was first put together Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yoggby Hotform as far as I know. I’ve been using it on ladder this month and so far have a 24 – 14 record, which is 71%. Not bad as I climb the top 5 ranks to legend.

The problem is that it’s bad matchups are Warrior and Warlock. Two of the most popular decks on ladder. So, while it’s not the best META choice right now, it’s a fun deck and competitive vs all other classes.

There is always that win condition is Yogg Saron to fall back on. I have a slightly positive win ratio vs Warrior due to Yogg. It’s a spell-heavy deck so you will almost always cast Yogg with more than 10 spells having been used which seems to be the sweet spot.

Malygos Druid Deck Old Gods META

I’ve been playing this Malygos Druid Deck Old Gods METAMalygos Druid Deck Old Gods META a lot this season and I’ve had some great success. You need to look for ramp early and try to control the board with removal spells before looking for a good opportunity to drop Malygos and use Moonfire (6 damage) for zero mana and Living Roots (7 damage) for one mana.

I’m running at around a 60% win rate which is decent. There have been plenty of Yogg wins in there too, you can never count yourself out when you have a Yogg in your hand.

Savjz N’Zoth Dragon Warrior

This is the Savjz N’Zoth Dragon Warrior deck he was Savjz N'Zoth Dragon Warriorplaying on stream. Dragon Warrior is all over the ladder right now and is one of the premium Tier one decks. Savjz is an expert at making control decks, and especially taking other decks and giving them more control and a stronger mid to late game.

This is a fun deck to play and he was doing really well with it. Give it a try and see how you get on.

Savjz OTK Warrior with Yogg Saron

This is the Savjz OTK Warrior with Yogg Saron deck he Savjz OTK Warrior with Yogg Saronwas playing on stream. The Warrior OTK deck has taken the META by storm. It often backfires though if you don’t draw well and can’t cycle into your combo pieces quick enough vs decks that can inflict damage.

This is where the Yogg Saron tech really makes the difference. You know have another win condition. Use Yogg as a backup though, don’t rely on it to win you the game.

It’s widly believed however that if you have cast more than 10 spells Yogg we see you good. Statistically speaking this is true, so use Yogg after you have cast 10 spells if the game looks like it’s slipping away from you.

Give it a go and see what you think, I think it makes the deck a lot more well-rounded. Which is a strange thing to say when Yogg is involved, but it’s going to give you a chance to win those games you wouldn’t have otherwise won.

Superjj C’Thun Warrior with Bash Revenge Tech

This is the Superjj C’Thun Warrior with Bash Revenge Superjj C'Thun Warrior with Bash Revenge TechTech choices he was using on ladder. It’s some different tech choices that really help vs those aggro decks that can potentially beat you down before you can drop your large taunts or get enough armor up.

Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 July

This is the Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 July he was playing on stream. I always enjoy Tempo Mage decks, but feel like most fall a little short vs Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 Julymost of the META decks.

This is an interesting build, the Emperor Thaurissan inclusion along with Archmage Antonidas opens up some interesting possibilities for a torrent on Fireballs. There is one Cabalist’s Tome too for some extra card draw as Tempo Mage is prone to running out of cards fast when you’re blasting your opponent with as much burn and Flamewaker missiles as possible.

I’ve only had the chance to play a few games with this list but it’s a fun build and feels like it can take opponents on longer and not rely on as much top-deck burn to win.


Cipher Zoo Deck Season 28 July

This is the Cipher Zoo Deck Season 28 July that he used to ladder up. Zoo Cipher Zoo Deck Season 28 Julynever seems to drop out of the META as it’s tokens and value trading is always viable against most than half the decks in the META.

This is a one Sea Giant list with Leeroy Jenkins. The double Doomguard lists are sometimes more effective, but in the current META the burst damage of this deck is more important than the value trading potential of the Doomguards.

I always like Gormok the Impaler in my Zoo builds. It’s not hard to get the battlecry value and the burst damage just destroys so many mid-game minions. Give this list a go if you’ve been using a different listing and not having enough success.