Trump Midrange Hunter WOTOG Deck

Trump Midrange Hunter WOTOGThis is the Trump Midrange Hunter WOTOG Deck he was using on stream to ladder up with a respectable win ratio.

Hunter is strong in the current META when played well. It’s not the forgiving deck it once was where you can just go face and rely on the strength of the cards.

There are some really good cards in the Hunter class though, and with the beast synergy and some smart decisions you can reach high legend rank for sure.

Trump Dragon Warrior Deck

Trump Dragon Warrior DeckWith all the Dragon Warrior decks on ladder I thought I’d share the Trump Dragon Warrior Deck list he has been using. There are some tweaks over other lists but it’s equally as strong.

Malkorok isn’t a tech choice everyone is happy with. Not only does this card take up a space that a dragon could use, the weapon can be complete junk if you’re unlucky.

The rest of the list looks pretty standard. Mulligan early for Finley and change your hero power for one more suited to the opponent in front of you. Usually the Hunter hero power or Warlocks.


Trump Control Warrior WOTOG

Trump Control Warrior WOTOGThis is the latest Trump Control Warrior WOTOG deck list he was using on stream to climb the ladder.

Trump pretty much always uses the strongest deck builds so it’s no surprise a lot of people copy his lists. This is a fairly standard Control Warrior build. The Doomsayer’s are not found in all lists and it’s not always a good tech choice, but playing them is optional in most games.


Trump Control Priest WOTOG with N’Zoth

Trump Control Priest WOTOG with N'ZothThis is the latest Trump Control Priest WOTOG with N’Zoth. Priest isn’t the strongest class but this is one of the strongest decks for Priest. It has a lot less bad match ups than some of the other builds.

Look for your cheap spells and Wild Pyromancer early to clear off all the aggro minions and control the board. The AOE spells are good midgame, and if a game goes late you’re going to win with your value cards like Entomb and Cairne Bloodhoof.

This deck takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you will climb the ladder quickly.

Trump Control Paladin WOTOG with N’Zoth

Trump Control Paladin WOTOG with N'ZothThis is the Trump Control Paladin WOTOG with N’Zoth deck list. It’s a strong control deck with lots of late game big threats and win conditions.

N’Zoth Paladin is still one of the strongest post Whispers of the Old Gods decks. You play out the early game slowly. Drawing cards and setting up a board clear. Cycle your deathrattle minions and work towarwds a huge value N’Zoth that can’t be dealt with.

There is always a lot of interest in Trump decks as he tends to use the strongest and most proven lists. Give this list a try and see how you get on.

Totem Shaman Hearthstone Deck 2016

Totem Shaman Hearthstone Deck 2016This is a Totem Shaman Hearthstone Deck 2016 list. It uses some Whispers of the Old Gods cards and can be played in Standard Format.

Totem synergy has become a powerful mechanic with the release of Primal Fusion. There are lots of other totems in the deck and Draenei Totemcarver sees play in this deck. You can get some crazy value if you can stack some totems on board.

Being as it’s not a popular deck the element of surprise is another reason why it’s effective. Because you’re using your hero power a lot if the game goes late you will out-value most decks. Give it a try and see how you get on.

J4CKIECHAN Crusher Shaman Deck

J4CKIECHAN Crusher Shaman DeckThis is the J4CKIECHAN Crusher Shaman Deck list from his stream. J4CKIECHAN is a great deck builder and he has made some changes to the BogChamp deck. Ragnaros is a deck choice he has made. Some players like Yogg-Saron here, but for consistency having Ragnaros is a more sensible choice.

J4CKIECHAN was killing it at high legend rank at the end of season 28 with this exact list so it’s going to be just as effective in season 29 before the new adventure One Night in Karazhan comes out with new cards.

It’s expensive on dust but all the cards will be used in other decks and being such a strong deck it’s dust well spent. It plays out as a control deck and you try to out-value your opponent and make them quit.

Dragon Warrior Deck with Rend Blackhand

Dragon Warrior Deck with Rend BlackhandCheck out this Dragon Warrior Deck with Rend Blackhand as a tech. You may have forgotten about Rend, with a dragon in hand this card will destroy any legendary minion!

Think about it, how many decks do you face that run powerful legendary minions, most right? It’s only really Zoolock and Aggro Shaman that sometimes don’t have a legendary minion but you don’t rely on late game vs aggro like those decks anyway.

I think Rend Blackhand is a great tech choice and I will be climbing Season 29 with this deck and seeing how it works out. It’s a good answer to Ragnaros, Grommash, C’thun, and more.


Dragon Druid Deck Legend Rank

Dragon Druid Deck Legend RankThis is a Dragon Druid Deck Legend Rank proven. I’ve taken this deck to rank 2, but have seen others playing it at legend. You can use the other Deathwing if you want too in more aggressive META’s.

To play this deck you want to mulligan hard for ramp and early removal as with most Druid decks. If you can land an Innervate and Wild Growth then curve into some value minions like Blackwing Technician you’re going to gain some early tempo.

It’s a fun deck to play. There are plenty of taunts to help soak up damage from aggressive decks, allowing you to develop some of your large minions as offense and push back against your opponent.

Bloodlust Shaman Deck 2016 Legend Rank

Bloodlust Shaman Deck 2016 LegendThis is a Bloodlust Shaman Deck 2016 Legend Rank that you can use to reach legend and finish high on ladder.

As you can see it’s an aggressive deck with double Bloodlust. The game-plan is to get as many minions to stick on board to set up the Bloodlust. With +3 to all minions you can burst your opponent down fast and with just a few minions on board. Or you can use it to make some favourable trades.

Thunder Bluff Valiant is a great late game card to add a lot of value to the board and allow some extra trading. Make good use of your hero power in when playing this deck, it’s high -value and synergies with the other cards.