Best Wild Decks January 17 Murloc Paladin

Best Wild Decks January 17 Murloc PaladinLooking at the Best Wild Decks January 17  this Murloc Paladin list in among the top-tier. It’s a good counter to the main aggro decks in wild, Aggro Shaman and Pirate Warrior.

It is a bit dependent on drawing well, as most OTK decks are. But is has a few mechanics for coming back on the board and healing. I have a positive win ratio vs Shaman with this list so it’s pretty solid in the current Wild META.

Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate Warrior

Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate WarriorThere is no escaping the power of Pirate Warrior, and this includes the Wild Format. The deck is actually a little more fun in wild because you have – Ship’s Cannon.

Ship’s Cannon fires a random 2 damage cannon ball every time you play a pirate, and this includes when you summon Patches the Pirate.

So Ship’s Cannon + Pirate means 2 x 2 damage shots. This creates massive tempo swings if the hit minions early in the game.

You also have access to Death’s Bite in Wild. A turn earlier than Arcanite Reaper and a better weapon in my opinion. It’s a really strong deck and a sure bet to climb to legend in Wild.

Best Wild Decks January 17 Aggro Shaman

Best Wild Decks January 17 Aggro ShamanI prefer playing Wild Format at the beginning of the season while the Standard ladder settles down and I can get a grip on the META. This is the Aggro Shaman list I used to climb to legend last month in Wild so it’s going to be just as effective this month.

The 2 x Thing from Below’s were tech choices that are absolutely necessary to have a positive win ratio vs all the Pirate Warriors if you’re wondering where the Aya is.

My Wild Format Aggro Shaman Deck December Season 33

Wild Format Aggo Shaman Legend Deck Dec 16This is my Wild Format Aggro Shaman Deck December Season 33. The Wild Format is less stable than Standard Format and I typically find it more challenging for this reason – and more fun.

It was a tough climb this season with all Pirate Warriors rushing face as fast as possible. I wanted to use a different deck while still climbing fast so I went with a Standard Aggro Shaman list and changed cards to adjust to the META.

The 2 x Thing from Below became essential to beat Pirate Warriors. I tried Azure Drakes, Aya, extra AOE damage, but without the taunts I was just getting rushed down too quickly.

If you don’t play much Wild you should give it a go. There’s loads more different deck types than standard, all kinds of random cards pop up, and it’s really fun.

Wild Legend Aggo Shaman Dec 16

Wild Legend Shaman Deck Nov 16 Season 32

Shaman Wild Decklist November 16Wild Legend Midrange Shaman Nov 16 Season 32



I finally put in the effort and made a push on the last day of the season to hit legend in Wild Format.

I was using Secret Paladin but kept running into Freeze Mages, N’Zoth Warriors, and decks with Eater of Secrets teched in – so I
swapped to my Shaman Standard Format deck and it turned out to be really strong.

Hopefully the era of the Midrange Shaman will come to an end tomorrow with the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The META needs a shake up.

Kolento Mech Wild Format Deck Nov 16

Kolento Mech Wild Format Deck Nov 16Mech Mage is strong in Wild Format, this Kolento Mech Wild Format Deck Nov 16 he was playing on stream is slightly different to my Mech Mage list but is just a strong.

If you don’t have Archmage Antonidas this is the list for you. It’s important not to be too aggressive when playing mech mage. The minions have higher health than attack, so it’s more of a control list where favorable trades.

Wild Format Mech Mage Deck Nov 16

Wild Format Mech Mage Deck Nov 16I always climb the Wild ladder and test some things out over there. This Wild Format Mech Mage Deck Nov 16 list is working really well for me.

Secret Paladin is always thought of as top-tier in Wild but there are a lot of decks countering it tight now. Eater of Secrets is a common tech choice and Secret Paladin is countered by Hunter and Priest pretty hard.

Give this Mech Mage deck a try if you’re in Wild!

Best Priest Wild Deck w N’Zoth

Best Priest Wild Deck w N'ZothThis is the Best Priest Wild Deck w N’Zoth list. It’s no secret that Priest is among the top tier classes in the Wild Format. While Priest may struggle in Standard Format, in Wild it’s a different story. Priest has some overpowered cards like Lightbomb and Velens Chosen that cycled out of the list with the release of The Whispers of the Old Gods.

You have some strong deathrattle minions to bring back with N’Zoth. Use your Northshire Cleric’s wisely to draw cards and make sure you can cycle some deathrattle minions and hit that N’Zoth before your opponent does.


Best Tempo Mage Wild Deck

Best Tempo Mage Wild DeckThis is the Best Tempo Mage Wild Deck to climb the Wild ladder. I enjoy playing wild as you get to use all the cards from all the sets. It’s more frustrating at times, but it’s also more fun in my opinion.

This deck includes Dr. Boom of course, along with Unstable Portal’s and Piloted Shredders and all those other high-value powerful cards.

This deck is more than capable of taking you to legend. I’ve played it while already being ranked in the Legend ranks and had a positive win ratio.

Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock

Best Warlock Wild Deck ZoolockThis list is the Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock archetype. Zoo has been a top tier deck for a long time and it’s not going anywhere, especially in Wild. With the inclusion of Imp-losion and Nerubian Egg’s you have a couple of powerful cards from the older sets to throw into the deck.

For the few people who don’t know how to play zoo it’s really straightforward. You drop as many low cost minions as possible and use the buffs to trade up and control the board.

The deck is only weak to board clears like AOE spells, but even then you can populate a board pretty quickly again after.

Leeroy + Power Overwhelming is the main win condition. 10 from the hand and a Soulfire is a lot of burst. Don’t expect many games to go past turn 10, which is important in the Wild Format where N’Zoth decks are everywhere!