Karazhan Legend Face Hunter Deck

Karazhan Legend Face Hunter DeckAs I have said before, I’m a fan of Face Hunter decks as sometimes it’s fun to just ladder up quickly. I found a list that a player called Cursed recently took to high legend on the NA ladder, and this is the Karazhan Legend Face Hunter Deck to the right.

A lot of the old skool face hunter cards in the list, with the addition of the recently released Kindly Grandmother from the One Night in Karazhan adventure.

So if you wanna sling some Face Hunter and annoy your opponents, this is the current list to use.

Hearthcoach Karazhan Face Hunter Deck

This is the Hearthcoach Karazhan Face Hunter Deck they used on their Hearthcoach Karazhan Face Hunter Deckpodcast. I’m a big fan of Hearthcoach, and it was interesting to see the latest Face Hunter deck with the addition of Cloaked Huntress and some secrets.

Love it or hate it, the people want face hunter decks. Sometimes you just want to play some fast games and climb the ladder. It’s nowhere as strong as it was in it’s glory days though. I’ve tried this list and I had mixed results going around 50%.

Face hunter has its place to climb those lower ranks quickly, but it’s going to need some new cards or tweaks to make it a tier 1 or 2 deck.