Senfglas Gadgetzan C’Thun OTK Druid w Aviana Kun

Senfglas Gadgetzan C'Thun OTK Druid w Aviana KunAnother deck using the Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King synergy are C’Thun Druid decks.

The win condition with this deck is to play Aviana, then Kun the Forgotten King for 1 mana and refresh all your mana.

Now you can play Brann, C’Thun buffing cards, and of course C’Thun. Don’t forget that with Brann Bronzebeard on the board C’Thun deals twice the damage.

You can easily deal 60 + damage making this one of the larger OTK decks like Raging Worgen OTK Warrior was before the nerfs.

Tyler Jade Golem Druid w Kun the Forgotten King

Tyler Jade Golem Druid w Kun the Forgotten KingThis is an interesting deck that features the new Druid legendary Kun the Forgotten King. Tyler was playing this on stream with a decent win rate when I checked.

It has all the Jade Golem mechanics, so the mid to late game is super strong you just need to survive the early turns vs aggro.