Fibonacci Gadgetzan N’Zoth Warrior w Stolen Goods I Know a Guy

Fibonacci Gadgetzan N'Zoth Warrior w Stolen Goods I Know a GuyIf you want a N’Zoth Control Warrior list to utilize some of the new cards from Gadgetzan try this Fibonacci Gadgetzan N’Zoth Warrior w Stolen Goods, I Know a Guy, and Alley Armorsmith from the new set.

Dog Gadgetzan Reno Mage w Kazakus Alexstrasza

Dog Gadgetzan Reno Mage w Kazakus AlexstraszaWith the release of Gadgetzan a new wave of Reno decks have emerged using some of the new cards.

This is the Dog Gadgetzan Reno Mage w Kazakus Alexstrasza and few of the other new cards.

Decent list, very strong ladder deck and although the games can take a while you should have a good win rate.


J4CKIECHAN Gadgetzan Egg Druid Token Deck Dec 16

J4CKIECHAN Gadgetzan Egg Druid Token Deck Dec 16J4CKIECHAN is known for his Egg Druid decks, this is his Gadgetzan Egg Druid Token deck utilizing the new card Mark of the Lotus.

With aggressive face decks like Pirate Warrior being popular in the META, board flooding decks like Discardlock and this token deck are pretty good.

apDrop Pirate Rogue Gadgetzan Deck

apDrop Pirate Rogue Gadgetzan DeckHaving fun with the new Pirate cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? You don’t only have to play Pirate Warrior, this apDrop Pirate Rogue list was performing at around 80% win rate at rank 5 on ladder so it’s a legit list.

The weapon hero power synergizes perfectly with the pirates, and the combination of spell damage and taunts helps you to make some awesome tempo trades and hold the board.

apDrop Pirate Paladin Gadgetzan Deck

apDrop Pirate Paladin Gadgetzan DeckEnjoying the new pirate cards like Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer? This apDrop Pirate Paladin Gadgetzan Deck shows how pirates can work in Paladin too!

It’s not a meme deck, this is a really strong deck, especially in the current META. The taunts help to block weapon damage and there is loads of offensive damage and buffs to outvalue your opponent.

Tyler Jade Golem Druid w Kun the Forgotten King

Tyler Jade Golem Druid w Kun the Forgotten KingThis is an interesting deck that features the new Druid legendary Kun the Forgotten King. Tyler was playing this on stream with a decent win rate when I checked.

It has all the Jade Golem mechanics, so the mid to late game is super strong you just need to survive the early turns vs aggro.

Kolento Dragon Priest Gadgetzan Release

Kolento Dragon Priest Gadgetzan ReleaseThis is the Kolento Dragon Priest Gadgetzan Release. Loads of new cards in this build, like Drakonid Operative, Dragonfire Potion, Kabal Talonpriest, Kabal Songstealer, and Potion of Madness.

Dragon Priest received a massive buff with the new Gadgetzan cards, and it’s actually really good vs Pirate Warrior. I’d tech in some weapon removal in the current META too.