Senfglas Gadgetzan C’Thun OTK Druid w Aviana Kun

Senfglas Gadgetzan C'Thun OTK Druid w Aviana KunAnother deck using the Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King synergy are C’Thun Druid decks.

The win condition with this deck is to play Aviana, then Kun the Forgotten King for 1 mana and refresh all your mana.

Now you can play Brann, C’Thun buffing cards, and of course C’Thun. Don’t forget that with Brann Bronzebeard on the board C’Thun deals twice the damage.

You can easily deal 60 + damage making this one of the larger OTK decks like Raging Worgen OTK Warrior was before the nerfs.

Senfglas High Legend Control Priest Deck Season 30

Senfglas High Legend Control Priest Deck Season 30Here is the Senfglas High Legend Control Priest Deck Season 30. Now the dust has settled after Karazhan I think we can all admit that Priest did pretty well. Priest of the Feast and Onyx Bishop are staple in most Priest decks now and really carry this list.

Senfglas played this list to high legend, it’s strong against other control decks and with a good start can hold out vs aggro. Shamans are hard to beat due to their constant flow of high value cards, but that’s the same for most classes. Other than that it’s a good Priest deck to ladder with.

Senfglas Reno Freeze Mage Deck w Anomalus

This is the Senfglas Reno Freeze Mage Deck w Anomalus that SenfglasSenfglas Reno Freeze Mage Deck w Anomalus used on stream to make it to legend this season (season 29 August 16).

It’s an interesting deck with a few more options than the typical Freeze Mage list. It does run Reno, however there are 7 duplicate cards in the deck. You will not need Reno in most games, but in the games that run long and you’ve drawn most of your deck it’s an extra win condition.

The most interesting card is Anomalus. This is the Mage legendary that included in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion. It does 8 damage to all minions when it’s killed, which is a huge board clear that will almost certainly clear everything.

You play this deck out like most Freeze Mage decks. Draw and freeze or kill minions until you can Alexstraza your opponents face. Then burn then. It’s only really Warriors or Priest that armor up and heal a lot that really counter this deck.



Looks pretty tough doesn’t he? Deathrattle: Deal 8 damage to all minions. There aren’t many minions that will survive that fall-out.

It’s perfect in Freeze Mage for clearing the board. The only real hard counters are cards like Hex and Polymorph.

Anomalus Mage Legendary Hearthstone Card

Senfglas Yogg Druid Top 10 Legend Deck

This is the Senfglas Yogg Druid Top 10 Legend Deck he Senfglas Yogg Druid Top 10 Legend Deckused to climb to top 10 on EU in the June 2016 season.

He pulled some insane Yogg combos out, while I can’t guarantee you will too – I can guarantee you’ll have some crazy fun and will probably end up doing pretty well.

If you don’t have Cenarius put in an extra Ancient of War. You should be able to make the rest of the deck and it’s important to have the rest of the cards so get crafting if you need any,