Thijs Gadgetzan Taunt Warrior Deck

‘If you build it, they will come.’

Thijs Gadgetzan Taunt Warrior DeckTaunt Warrior is an archetype that hasn’t really had all the cards to be a top-tier deck. Blizzard keep pushing new taunt synergy cards out though.

With the release of Gadgetzan we have Stolen Goods to buff taunts, and some beefy taunt minions like Public Defender and Alley Armorsmith.

This was a fun deck to watch Thijs playing. It’s pretty strong but is obviously a slow deck so those pesky Pirate Warriors can be a problem if they get a fast start.

Trump Protect the King Warrior Deck

The first wing of the new adventure – One Night in Karazhan has barely Trump Protect the King Warrior Deckbeen out an hour or two and the deck testing has started. This is Trump Protect the King Warrior Deck he’s using to climb the ladder with and early signs are that it’s a strong deck.

There will be some changes to come I’m sure. But as a shell of a taunt warrior deck this is a good list to start with. There are some good taunt synergies and it’s going to be a good list to shut down aggro decks.