Thijs Dragon Priest w Defender of Argus

Thijs Dragon Priest w Defender of ArgusThere are loads of different Dragon Priest lists with different tech cards in but this list has an interesting choice – Defender of Argus.

And, this Thijs Dragon Priest w Defender of Argus went 8-0 at a recent tournament win so it’s proven. A lot of Priest lists lack that little bit of extra burst to trade up or finish an opponent, or stopping aggressive decks going face. This tech choice sorts this out.

There is also a Holy Nova instead of a Dragonfire Potion for a little extra healing and more tempo on board. It’s a really strong deck against all the other META decks, give it a go.

Thijs Gadgetzan Pirate Dragon Warrior Deck

Thijs Gadgetzan Pirate Dragon Warrior DeckDragon Warrior was one of the top-tier decks over the past few months and although it was overshadowed by Pirates with the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan it’s a still a really strong deck.

In fact, with the addition of Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer it’s even stronger than before.

This is the deck list Thijs used in a recent tournament he won. It’s really on ladder too.

Thijs Gadgetzan Taunt Warrior Deck

‘If you build it, they will come.’

Thijs Gadgetzan Taunt Warrior DeckTaunt Warrior is an archetype that hasn’t really had all the cards to be a top-tier deck. Blizzard keep pushing new taunt synergy cards out though.

With the release of Gadgetzan we have Stolen Goods to buff taunts, and some beefy taunt minions like Public Defender and Alley Armorsmith.

This was a fun deck to watch Thijs playing. It’s pretty strong but is obviously a slow deck so those pesky Pirate Warriors can be a problem if they get a fast start.

Thijs N’Zoth Shaman Deck w White Eyes Dec 16

Thijs N'Zoth Shaman Deck w White Eyes Dec 16I had some fun playing this Thijs N’Zoth Shaman Deck w White Eyes Dec 16. It’s a strong deck and using Ancestral Spirit on White Eyes is fun, I managed around 60% ratio, I feel like it needs a little more early game stability in this aggressive META.

Thijs did well with it, but he’s super-awesome compared to me 🙂 See how you get on.

Thijs Jade Cycle Druid Deck Dec 16

Thijs Jade Cycle Druid Deck Dec 16This is the deck I was watching Thijs climb from around rank 5 to legend with. It’s a Jade Golem Druid deck and uses Gadgetzan Auctioneer to cycle through the deck and gain an advantage on board by dropping bigger, and bigger Jade Golems.

The Jade Behemoth‘s and Feral Rages were enough to beat most Pirate Warriors and aggro decks. Populating more Jade Idols makes this such a strong control deck that you will have more late-game value than most control decks.

Thijs Jade Shaman Gadgetzan Deck

Thijs Jade Shaman Gadgetzan DeckThis is the Thijs Jade Shaman Gadgetzan Deck he was climbing ladder with on stream. Jade Druid has overshadowed Shaman a little, but this is a really strong deck using the Jade Golem synergy.

It’s a control deck, so use the board clears when your opponent over commits and come back with the golems and board presence and out value them.

Thijs Pirate Warrior Gadgetzan Deck w Patches

Thijs Pirate Warrior Gadgetzan Deck w PatchesPirate Warrior is running a mock over the ladder since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was released.

This is the Thijs Pirate Warrior Gadgetzan Deck w Patches. Patches the Pirate is really good value, you get card draw, charge, and thin your deck out a little on turn one almost every game.