Weasel Tunneler Deck Discardlock with a Twist

Weasel Tunneler Deck Discardlock with a TwistOne of the fun cards to come out of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was Weasel Tunneler. This Weasel Tunneler Deck, Discardlock with a Twist is actually a viable deck unlike a lot of the silly decks that just spam more Tunnelers.

The point of adding the Weasel Tunneler into your opponents deck from its deathrattle¬†is to add a junk card that’s going to slow down them drawing into the cards they need.

It works well in Discardlock because the deck uses 1-drops and trades up with buffs. So you can use the Tunneler on board, and you can also try and discard it for extra card draw if you don’t want to play it.