Complete List of Un’Goro Legendary Quests

The most exciting and anticipated cards from the new expansion Journey¬†to Un’Goro due for release on the 6th April are the Quest cards.

It’s a new mechanic not seen before. You have the quest card in your opening hand, and have to fulfill the requirements of the quest to receive¬†the reward.

The rewards are pretty powerful cards, and although I’m writing this before the release most of them look pretty insane, a couple are borderline broken!

Here are all the quest cards by class and the rewards:

Druid Quest Cards – Jungle Giants / Barnabus

Jungle Giants HS Druid Quest Card Barnabus the Stomper HS Druid Card

Hunter Quest Cards – The Marsh Queen / Queen Carnassa

The Marsh Queen HS Hunter Quest Card Queen Carnassa HS Hunter Card

Mage Quest Cards – Open the Waygate / Time Warp

Open the Waygate HS Mage Quest Card Time Warp HS Mage Card

Paladin Quest Cards – The Last Kaleidosaur / Galvadon

The Last Kaleidosaur HS Paladin Quest Card Galvadon HS Paladin Card

Priest Quest Cards – Awaken the Makers / Amara, Warden of Hope

Awaken the Makers HS Priest Card Amara Warden of Hope

Rogue Quest Cards – The Caverns Below / Crystal Core

The Caverns Below HS Rogue Quest Card Crystal Core HS Rogue Card

Shaman Quest Cards – Unite the Murlocs / Megafin

Unite the Murlocs HS Shaman Card Megafin HS Shaman Card

Warlock Quest Cards – Lakkari Sacrifice / Nether Portal

Lakkari Sacrifice HS Warlock Card Nether Portal HS Warlock Card

Warrior Quest Cards – Fire Plume’s Heart / Sulfuras

Fire Plume's Heart HS Warrior Card Sulfuras HS Warrior Card