Worst Saviors of Uldum Legendaries: Safe To Dust

The latest expansion; Saviors of Uldum is dropping on the 6th August and that means 23 new legendaries entering the card pool.

Legendaries have the highest dust cost, both to make and to disenchant. So, we have to be smart with which ones we keep and which we craft. Especially in the early days and weeks of the expansion before the meta has settled.

If you rip legendaries from packs that will never see play (outside of memes) you’re best off dusting them and making other cards you will need.

I’ve taken into account the card reviews from the top pros, used some of my own common sense, and have put together a list of the worst Saviors of Uldum legendaries that you’re safe to dust if you rip from packs:

Worst Saviors of Uldum Legendaries: Dust and Recycle These Cards!

Reno the Relicologist Mage Legendary Card

Reno the Relicologist Mage Legendary Card

I know, Reno is the poster boy of this expansion so we all had high hopes for him. But how the community was disappointed when he was revealed.

10 damage to minions on turn 6 as a reward for playing single copies of cards isn’t going to cut it. He’s better off as dust.

Supreme Archaeology Warlock Legendary Card

Supreme Archaeology Warlock Legendary Card

Warlock had the worst quest last time, and they might have the worst this time too. Sucks.

There are some tools to help draw those 20 cards quicker, but it’s still too many cards for such as a lackluster reward.

Raid the Sky Temple Mage Legendary Card

Raid the Sky Temple Mage Legendary Card

Another quest that takes too long to complete for an underwhelming reward. It’s not going to be a late-game value generator, and it’s not going to help with tempo.

Could be fun though. It has that I guess.

Unseal the Vault Hunter Legendary Card

Unseal the Vault Hunter Legendary Card

Yet another slow quest with a bad hero power reward! They added some support for summoning minions, but it’s still going to be too slow vs aggro.

This quest has a load of 1’s across the public reviews. Secretly, I hope everyone is wrong, but I’ll dust it and re-visit it in a later expansion I think.

Sir Finley of the Sands Paladin Legendary Card

Sir Finley of the Sands Paladin Legendary Card

Another face from the poster, and another fail. It’s hard to build your deck around an upgraded hero power when you can’t be sure which one you’ll get.

Finley is going to be way too inconsistent. It’s going to be super tilting to lose to – if that ever happens.

Best Saviors of Uldum Legendaries: Safe to Craft

With the latest expansion; Saviors of Uldum is dropping on the 6th August it’s pack opening season coming up soon.

With legendaries having such a high crafting cost, and often being so important to competitive decks, you want as many of the best ones as possible as soon as possible.

It’s always hard to tell which legendaries will be must-have’s before the meta settles. But, I’ve been through a bunch of card reviews from pro’s (and used my own common sense) and come up with a short-list of the strongest and best Saviors of Uldum Legendaries.

If you rip these from a pack, awesome. If not, they are safe to craft and will help you get an edge on ladder in the early days of the expansion. Good luck!

Best Saviors of Uldum Legendaries: You Need These Cards!

Untapped Potential Druid Legendary Card

Untapped Potential Druid Legendary Card

The quests have had underwhelming reviews for the most part. We’ve been here before, Hearthstone is best played with tempo, and quests start slow.

This is the quest that has most of the pro’s excited, however. Extremely powerful effect that can swing the board back into your favor – looks like a tonne of fun too!

High Priest Amet Priest Legendary Card

High Priest Amet Priest Legendary Card

This card is nuts. Giving Priest a high health minion that’s almost impossible to deal with on curve, that then buffs other minions. This is going to be a huge meta-breaker.

Siamat Legendary Card

Siamat Legendary Card

Tribe synergy. A choice of effects. Decent baseline stats. Siamat is nuts and will be played in all elemental decks, and some other control decks just for its power level.

Zephrys the Great Legendary Card

Zephrys the Great Legendary Card

This is probably the most interesting and highly anticipated legendary from the set.

It uses a mechanic we haven’t seen before. It uses AI to calculate the discovery options and offer cards that you really need at that moment in time.

Pretty awesome, and a must-have.

Vessina Shaman Legendary Card

Vessina Shaman Legendary Card

Cards that get buffed from the Overload mechanic have always been strong as they are springboarding off frontloaded power.

People are pegging Vessina as a must include in all Shaman builds, you want to rip this from a pack or craft it if you play Shaman.

Hearthstone World Championship 2019 Schedule

The Hearthstone competitive year for 2019 comes to a conclusion on the 25-28th April, 2019.

In my opinion, it’s been an awesome year following all the Prelims and Championships, and looking at the lineup, which I show you below, it’s going to be an awesome event.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hearthstone World Championship 2019 Schedule, Location, Players, Prize Pool, and more.

Hearthstone World Championship 2019 Schedule

If you’re going to be watching along you can catch all the games on the official Hearthstone Twitch Channel.

Here’s which rounds/games are being played each of the 4 days:

Day 1 – Group Stages – April 25th

Groups are settled over two days. After day one we will know who will be playing their final matches for those top 8 places.

Day 2 – Group Stages – April 26th

Players with two loses are out, and the players with wins still have a chance to make it through to the top 8.

Day 3 – Deciders and Quarterfinals – April 27th

The top 8 battle it out on the Saturday.

Day 4 – Championship Sunday – April 28th

We get the semi-finals and finals on Sunday.

Hearthstone World Championship 2019 Qualified Players

Muzzy – NA

Justsaiyan – NA

Ike – NA

Bloodyface – NA

Languagehacker – NA

Killinallday – NA

Viper – EU

Bunnyhoppor – EU

Hunterace – EU

A83650 – EU

Roger – ASIA

Tyler – ASIA

Bloodtrail – ASIA

XioaT – ASIA


LFYueying – ASIA

Who to Pick for the Most Free Packs?

The community always go nuts for the free packs from the ‘Choose a Champion’ promotion Blizzard always run for their major events.

I wish there was a way of knowing, or at least narrowing down who is likely to perform the best – but let’s be honest, there isn’t.

Just go with who you want to support, or think will do the best. I think it’s fair to say that Ike will be one of the most popular fan favorites if you want to jump on that.

While in my opinion, Muzzy, Bunnyhoppor, Hunterace, Viper, and Bloodyface have the best chances of making the top 8 if you want a try-hard pick. From there, I think any of them can take the Championship.

Hearthstone World Championship 2019 Prize Pool

With 1 million dollars on the line shared among the participants, there is a lot on the line for these 16 players.

The person who wins and lifts the trophy takes home a cool $250k!

Here is how the prize pool is split across the top 10, with the other 6 players getting the same as the 10th place player.

Wild Tournament 2019 Qualification Update (Failed)

So, a few days before the month end I had decayed to #100. I had to play some games to get between #50-75 to secure a top 100 finish.

And.. well.. basically what happened was Hearthstone. I think most people who play can sympathize with a 10 game losing streak.

That’s right. After having such a crazy high win rate to hit legend, I played again and lost 10 straight.

Looking back, I made a few mistakes. I didn’t play after I hit legend back on the 3rd of the month.

I should have tried to maintain top 50 so I was in-touch with the META, held a better MMR, and would have been able to recover from a losing streak.

Well, I had a load of fun playing wild and it was good to actually have a goal that mattered. Here’s to the next challenge.

Hearthstone Standard Rotation 2019 – Which Sets Go to Wild?

I’m sure most people reading this will agree that the next Hearthstone Standard Rotation 2019 can’t come soon enough.

The meta gets pretty stale towards the end of a standard years rotation. But don’t worry, not long to wait now – the Year of the Raven, which begun in April 2018 will be coming to an end in April 2019.

For those new to rotation, basically what happens is that any expansions prior to the last 2 calendar years rotate out to make room for the last 2 years worth of expansions and future releases for the next year to work together.

This shifts the entire meta and creates a whole new list of decks, archetypes, the power level of classes change, everything is turned on its head – it’s awesome.

Here is everything you need to know about which sets are leaving, when we can expect the rotation to happen in 2019, and more.

Which Expansions / Sets Are Rotating out in 2019?

The three sets that will be leaving the standard pool of cards (they’ll still be available in Wild of course) are:

Journey to Un’goro

The most notible cards from the Journey to Un’Goro set that will be moving to Wild includes:

  • Quest Cards – Some of the quests have a very high power level and were responsible for some tier 1/2 decks, such as Quest Rogue, OTK Mage, and Fire Plume’s Heart.
  • Lyra the Sunshard – Who hasn’t won a bunch of games from Lyra RNG? She’ll be missed.
  • Sunkeeper Tarim – Often referred to as the strongest minion in the game.
  • Primordial Drake – A staple 8-drop in anti-aggro decks.
  • Vicious Fledgling – That annoying bird that can solo a game by itself if it connects with face.

Knights of the Frozen Throne

The most notable cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set that will be moving to Wild includes:

  • Deathknights – The first wave of deathknights were, and still are the most powerful (broken) cards to be released – these going will have a huge impact on future decks.
  • Spreading Plague – Already nerfed once, it’s still one of the most powerful anti-aggro cards in the game.
  • Ultimate Infestation – Insane power level card, one most people can’t believe was never nerfed, well it’s finally leaving.
  • Lich King – A staple in most decks as an 8-drop, helped shape the meta on release.
  • Prince Keleseth – One of the highest win rate cards when played on turn 2 the game has seen.

Kobolds and Catacombs

The most notable cards from the Kobolds and Catacombs set that will be moving to Wild includes:

  • Spellstones – This is huge, the Druid and Hunter spellstones are crazy strong.
  • Legendary weapons – Spell Hunter, Tempo Mage, and Warlock builds take a huge hit here.
  • Voidlord (Void Daddy) – The strongest taunt minion in the game.
  • Sonya – A broken card in certain decks and situations.
  • Carnivorous Cube – This totally broken card and mechanic is leaving.
  • Fungalmancer – Aggro’s favorite 5-drop.

When Is the Standard Rotation for 2019?

We know that it will be when the first expansion for the year is released in April 2019. But at the time of writing this we don’t know the exact date.

Previous expansions in April have been the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks, so it’s really hard to predict the exact date of release.

All we can hope for is that it’s sooner rather than later. The meta has become really stale, Hunter is way too strong and oppressive, and a shake up of the card pool makes the game much more interesting and fun for everyone!

Tips to Get Fast Legend in Hearthstone

Hitting legend is the goal for most people who play Hearthstone. It’s the highest rank on ladder, sure there is then a legend climb ahead of you, but hitting legend holds the most prestige.

There are a few things that make is difficult to hit legend. But, honestly, for most people it’s the time and number of games that’s the biggest roadblock.

Realistically, the best case scenario is that it’ll take 30-40 games. If that’s the case, awesome. But it’s more likely to take around 100 games, and that’s a lot of games.

I make it my goal to reach legend as fast as possible each month, no point it taking longer than necessary.

I can usually go from rank 4 to legend with a 60% win ratio, so it takes around 100 games and probably about 8 hours total play time.

Want to speed up your run to legend? Here are my best tips to help make it as fast a climb as possible, let me know what you think.

Tips to Get Fast Legend in Hearthstone

Concentrate – Every Win Counts

Ok, the first thing you need to focus on is concentrating. Playing as fast as you can doesn’t mean anything if you’re dropping games you should be winning.

This means turning off Netflix on your other monitor, putting down the phone, stopping whatever else it is you multi-task with Hearthstone and giving it your 100% focus.

You can go back to multi-tasking later when you’re so familiar with your deck you can play it on autopilot.

You need to get in the mindset that every game counts though. Because every game does count. Everytime you drop a game that you could have won there is a two star deficite.

Not only do you lose a star, but you also don’t gain one like you would have if you’d won the game.

Now, let’s say you throw 5 games because you made silly mistakes, which is realistic, that’s 10 stars you’ve gone backwards, two whole ranks!

Practice – Know Your Deck

The old saying of practice makes perfect is no truer than when playing Hearthstone.

Every deck has loads of little nuances to learn through trial and error, you need to know the meta well and what to expect from other decks, and get better at optimizing your mulligan.

The best way to improve in all of these areas is to practice. This means play some games, some more games, more games, and so on until you’ve played vs all the meta decks over and over.

If you really want to get good with a deck and faster at playing it you’ll need to play it past the point of being fun.

Play Fast

You get 70 seconds per turn (excluding turn 1), that’s a lot of time. Honestly. It takes practice, familiarity with the deck, and concentration to play fast – but if you’ve taken note of the above point you’ll be doing all of this anyway.

Some people just play slow, I get it. But if you want to learn how to play faster, you certainly can.

Think of it like this; some players take 60 seconds a turn – if you take 30 seconds a turn, which is plenty of time, you can play twice as many games as them. That’s massive.

Rough math I know, but you get what I’m saying. I know I watch some streamers that take at least 4 times as long as I do per turn on average. So, while I can’t play 8 hours a day like them, I can play 2 hours and squeeze in more games.

The game changer here is to do most of your thinking during your opponents turn. It’s actually good practice for a number of reasons, not only will you save time but you can consider more outcomes, predict their best moves, and so on.

Play a Good Meta Deck

Choice of deck is really important. Put fun decks and meme’s to the side, we need to pilot a high win rate deck and squeeze out every possible competitive advantage.

The best way to do this – or the only real way to do this – is to use data from HSReplay.

You can upgrade to HSReplay Premium by clicking here.

With premium you can filter on your region, rank, use data from the last few days, and see exactly which decks are winning and which aren’t.

My advice is to pick the highest win rate deck you’re comfortable with and start learning it. Check back each day to see how the meta is changing, and only if your deck isn’t working, change it.

Play Fast Decks (Aggro)

The same math applies to how fast a deck is. You have the option to play a slower control deck or a fast aggro deck that has half the average play time but has the same win rate according to stats.

If you’re trying to hit legend as fast as possible it’s a no-brainer, pick up that aggro deck and start hitting face!

Learn How to Manage Tilt

Tilt is term that refers to a persons mental state when things aren’t going well. When on ’tilt’ you’ll play worse, make mistakes, bad decisions, feel like you can’t get a break, and so on.

Tilt happens when you lose a few games, usually due to some crazy RNG that makes you feel like you’re the unluckiest person in the world.

In reality, you’re just experiencing some variance, like we all do, and if you keep a level head you’ll come out on the other side just fine.

The two-sided coin to tilt is that both you, and some of your opponents will tilt from time-to-time.

So, if you can manage your tilt and keep playing optimally, while taking advantage of other players making mistakes you’ll pick up those bonus stars.

How do you manage tilt? Everyone is effected differently, but as a rule there are a few things I recommend you do when things start going bad and you feel your frustrations rising:

  • First, take a small break.
  • Drink some water, tea, whatever you want, make sure you’re well hydrated.
  • If you’re tired, just stop playing. Don’t try and end on a win or you might end up chasing a losing streak.
  • Don’t change decks if your deck was working prior to tilting.

Things to Expect on a Fast Climb to Legend

It’s more likely than not going to be a rollercoaster rather than a smooth upward climb.

I’ve had a few 70-80% win rate smooth climbs, but it’s rare. You’re more likely to hit some losing streaks, win streaks, lose some favourable matches, win some unwinnable matches, and see all kinds of crazy RNG moments – it is Hearthstone afterall.

To make it as fast as possible the key things are to play a good meta deck, get good with the deck, avoid tilt, and keep grinding out those wins.

Wild Tournament 2019 Qualification Update (I’m Rank #8)

Last month I posted an article about the upcoming Wild Tournament and how I was going to make an attempt to qualify.

Well, 10 days in and it’s looking good so far.

I started playing Even Shaman, playing a few games on the 1st and 2nd days of the month. It wasn’t going bad, but at rank 3 I started going 50/50 for a few games and decided to try a different deck.

I saw a Jade Druid list someone had used to climb to legend, nostalgia kicked in, I used to like playing Jade Druid back when it was in standard.

I hadn’t played it since then, but it’s a pretty strightforward midrange deck. The result was a 16-1 streak to legend, pretty nuts!

My only loss was to a Topsy Priest. Even after the recent Druid nerfs, the value of continually growing Jades along with the armour from Branching Paths, (broken) death knight Malfurion, and card draw, it’s a solid deck.

I entered legend at rank #8 on the 3rd of the month. I have since decayed to #14, and I think I will leave it until I decay to at least #75 before I consider playing depending on the date this happens.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 – My Journey to Qualify

Blizzard announced that there is going to be a third Wild Open Tournament in 2019. I’m one of the few who enjoy playing wild, it’s a kinda crazy format as I will get into more later, but I do play a bit of wild ladder and enjoy it.

Moreso, I like a challenge, so, I figured, why not see if I can qualify for the Wild Open. And, I may as well blog about it so you guys and girls can follow along and laugh when I fail – or we can hook up and help each other!

How Do You Qualify for the Wild Open?

The qualification requirement is pretty straight forward:

Finish in the top 100 for your regions wild ladder in the January 2019 season.

Sounds simple, right? On a regular season I don’t think it would be too hard, if you hit legend in Standard, you’d just have to concentrate on Wild and I’m sure it would be possible.

The top 100 will then face off in a playoff tournament in the middle of February, with the top 2 from each region facing off at the Open Finals towards the end of February.

So, there are two parts to this. Finishing top 100 (which obviously I will focus on first), then the knockout tournament.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 Prize Pool

I’m not in it for the money (everyone cool says that), but there is a fairly decent prize pool on the line.

I think it’s enough to stimulate a lot of decent players to compete, especially as there isn’t much going on with the Standard ladder next month:

What Is My Plan for Finishing Top 100 – Am I Good Enough?

I’m all about efficiency. I don’t want to play more games than I have to, so I’m going to be smart about how I approch this and try to come up with the path of least resistance to getting that finish.

First of all, I pushed to legend on the wild EU ladder this month. I did this for two reasons;

  1. I will now start at rank 4 when the season resets.
  2. Wild is pretty dead when there isn’t a tourney going on, so it was probably easier to rank up now than it will be next month.

I entered legend at around #250 and thought I might as well see if I could hit top 100.

I actually didn’t lose a game and stopped at rank #89 for now.

Now it’s not going to feel as foreign next season when I hit top 100, but I do expect it to be a lot more difficult.

So, yeah, I think I’m good enough. The challenge will be adjusting to the META next month.

Which Decks Are Good in Wild?

In case you haven’t heard, in the Wild format you can use any card for your entire collection (opposed to just the cards printed in the last year that are available in standard.)

This makes for a much wider range of possible decks. Although, in my experience, there are fewer “Top tier” decks than you see in standard. But this is mostly due to lack of refinement and the smaller player base in my opinion.

There are a lot more broken cards that can turn games on their head however. Barnes, pulling Mal’Ganis, Aviana combos, and Dr.Boom are just a few examples.

Anyhow, the three main decks I’ve been using for months now that have gone almost unchanged are Even Shaman, Odd Rogue, and Big Priest. Decklists as follows:

I might have to mix it up a bit more next month, but we will see. I will start playing some games and see what meta is forming.

The Even Shaman is great at dealing with aggressive pirate decks with the double crawlers and Maelstrom Portals. It also has big minions to push past taunts and small AOE’s. I think it’s one of the top deck currently for sure.

Odd Rogue is more aggressive and better at beating slower decks than Shaman, so I usually switch to it if I’m running into Big Priests and Control Warlocks.

I play Big Priest mostly for fun. If you draw Barnes on 4 you have a very high % chance of winning, but it’s not something I like to rely on. It’s still one of the strongest decks in wild due to the amount of large high-value minions you can get on the board.

Right, that’s it for now. I will post weekly updates on my progress. The plan is to hit legend quickly in week 1, then go into cruise control, but we shall see how it goes.

Worst Boomsday Legendaries That You’re Safe To Dust

The New expansion – The Boomsday Project – lands on the 7th August.

As with every expansion, there are some awesome legendaries, and there are some rubbish (meme) ones.

It’s tricky to know on the first few days which are bad enough that you can dust them and not regret it, but it’s important to recycle the dust to craft the best legendaries so you can keep ranking up.

I’ve gone through loads of card reviews from pro players and used my own intuition – which has been very accurate on previous expansions – and summarised some of the worst, useless, underpowered, and dustable Boomsday legendaries that you’re safe to dust to help you out.

Worst Boomsday Legendaries That You’re Safe To Dust

Dr Morrigan – Warlock

Dr Morrigan HS Warlock Legendary Card

I think Blizzard finally realized that Warlock had enough overpowered legendaries – much to the relief of the Hearthstone community.

Paying 8 mana for a 5/5 sucks, then having the RNG of hoping to pull a good minion from your deck is a lot to ask.

This card will not see play unless the deck is built around it, which isn’t a good idea.


Myra Rotspring – Rogue

Myra Rotspring HS Rogue Legendary Card

The stats on this 5 mana card are really poor, so you’re giving up considerable

tempo, and for what?

What kind of deathrattle minion and effect is worth it?

There are too many better cards that can take the deck slot over this one.

Feel free to dust it and use the dust for some of the other awesome cards Rogue is getting in the Boomsday expansion.

Zerek, Master Cloner – Priest

Zerek, Master Cloner HS Priest Legendary Card

6 mana for this card is way too slow and it’s vulnerable to silence effects.

If you’re going to have cheap spells to cast before your opponent can kill it then you’re better off playing Lyra.

This card isn’t going to see competitive play in this expansion.



Crystalsmith Kangor – Paladin

Crystalsmith Kangor HS Paladin Legendary Card

This card has been trashed in most of the card reviews I’ve read and listened to.

You’re going to want the double healing effect later in the game, and playing a 2 mana 1/2 at that point is the last thing you want.

It’s a strange card, hard to see where and which deck it would go in. Safe to dust for sure.


Harbinger Celestia – Neutral

Harbinger Celestia HS Legendary Card

This card has a cool effect we haven’t seen before, but it isn’t good enough to see play.

It’s very unrealistic to think your opponent will play a decent minion once they see you play this.

If they give you a 1 or 2 cost minion you just forfeit a huge tempo loss and it’s likely to cost you the game in some instances.

A meme card that’s more useful as 400 dust.

Mecha’thun – Neutral

Mecha'thun HS Legendary Card

There is a lot of buzz around Mecha’thun as it’s another cool card effect we have not seen before – and it destroys your opponent!

The downside is that it’s going to be almost impossible to pull off, and will never be a reliable win condition.

A pure meme card, if you rip it from a pack dust it and make something like Dr Boom.


Best Boomsday Legendary Cards to Craft

The Boomsday expansion is dropping on the 7th August and that means another 23 legendaries being added to the card pool.

A constant from all the precious expansions shows us that there are always some broken good legendary cards….. and some junk ones.

Legendaries aren’t cheap, they cost 1,600 dust, and you only pull 1 from every 40 packs at a minimum. So, crafting the best ones from day 1 is really important if you want to climb.

I’ve read through and watched card reviews from a bunch of pro players such as Amnesiac, Kolento, Boarcontrol, Stancifka, and more.

Taking into account all their ratings and thoughts, here is a short list of the best Boomsday legendary cards to craft (or not dust if you open them) as they are believed to be the most playable.

Best Boomsday Legendary Cards to Craft

Dr. Boom Mad Genius – Warrior

Dr Boom Mad Genius HS Warrior Legendary Card

This is the most anticipated card for its fun-factor, and because it looks pretty OP.

With a strong mech deck built around this death knight and the crazy hero powers you’ll dominate board control.

We’re going to see a lot of this card in the first few days for sure. Either join em’ or counter em’, that’s my advice.


Myras Unstable Element – Rogue

Myras Unstable Element HS Rogue Legendary Card

There are so many broken combos being theorized around this card.

Being able to draw the rest of your deck is incredibly powerful, and some of the other new cards like Lab Recruiter and Pogo-Hopper were clearly designed to synergize with this.




Floop’s Glorious Gloop – Druid

Floop's Glorious Gloop HS Druid Legendary Card

Much to the bemusement of the community, it looks like Druid are getting the best legendaries once again.

This card allows you to cheat mana, which is always a powerful mechanic in Hearthstone.

The worst case scenario is that it pays for itself in a turn, going to see a lot of power turns and swings with some Glorious Gloop!


Flobbidinous Floop – Druid

Flobbidinous Floop HS Druid Legendary Card

This is the other Druid legendary from the Boomsday set, and it has loads of broken potential.

How about playing a 4-mana Malygos, Dragon Recruiter, Ysera… and so on.

Crazy good effect, and sure to be a card that causes game-ending OTK’s and combos.



Zilliax – Neutral

Zilliax HS Legendary Card

This is the flagship mech neutral legendary that Blizzard designed to be an auto-include in all mech decks.

It has magnetic, so you can synergize this with any mech onboard and immediately get the Divine Shield, Taunt, Lifesteal, and Rush attributes.

As it’s a neutral there is no escaping this, you need to open it or craft it if you want to play mech archetypes across any of the classes.

The Soularium – Warlock

The Soularium HS Walrock Legendary Card

Card draw has always been a powerful mechanic in Hearthstone, and usually has a cost of around 1.5-mana per card drawn.

This is 3 cards for just 1-mana. Yes, they discard if you don’t use them, but there is a lot of potential for combos here in OTK or zoo Warlock decks.



Flarks Boom-Zooka – Hunter

Flarks Boom-Zooka HS Hunter Legendary Card

Big/Recruit Hunter just got bigger and crazier….

Flark’s Boom-Zooka is pretty nutty. You can summon and crash 3 big beasts in and resurrect them after, or crash some deathrattles in and keep the effects.

This card will be the center of new Hunter decks, if you like hunter – craft it.


The Boomship – Warrior

The Boomship HS Warrior Legendary Card

I’ve seen some mixed opinions on this card, but the people who think it’s going to be broken make some compelling arguments.

It’s another card that rewards big minions decks. 9 mana for 3 huge minions and rush is stupid strong.