5 Whispers of the Old Gods Epic Cards to Dust

whispers of the old gods hearthstone

Dust is the currency you use to craft cards in Hearthstone. You can craft cards you need, disenchant cards you don’t need, and make additional copies of cards in either normal or gold versions.

You can either get cards by buying or earning car packs, which gives you 5 random cards per pack. Or you can craft the exact cards you want from dust. You should always be very sure before crafting cards as you lose a lot of dust. Which is why I’ve put together 5 Whispers of the Old Gods Epic Cards to Dust.

Epic cards give you 100 dust a time, or they cost 400 dust to make. So as you can see you use 4 times as much to make a card as it costs to disenchant it. So you better be sure before pressing that button.


disenchanting a legendary hearthstone card

Crafting Dust Values Guide

Here is a table showing the amount of dust you will receive or spend when making and disenchanting cards of different rarity.

Card RarityCraft Dust CostDisenchant Dust CostGolden Craft Dust CostGolden Disenchant Dust Cost
White - Common40540050
Blue - Rare10020800100
Purple - Epic4001001600400
Orange - Legendary1600400320016000

5 Whispers of the Old Gods Epic Cards to Dust

Blood of The Ancient One Hearthstone CardBlood of The Ancient One – Neutral Card

‘If you control two of these at the end of your turn, merge them into ‘The Ancient One’.’

This card is way too slow. Having one, or even two of these stay alive in the late game so they can form another unit is next to zero. Disenchant these and use the dust for a card that’s going to see play.

By the way, ‘The Ancient One’ is a massive 30/30 minion. Here is a video showing you it, as this is possibly the only time you’re going to see it. 🙂

Tentacles for Arms – Warrior CardTentacles for Arms Hearthstone Card

‘Deathrattle: Return this to your hand.’

This card may have its place in a long, drawn out fatigue game. But how many games do you want to play where this ‘may’ end up offering some value?

I’d say disenchant it, it’s never going to see any sustained play or inclusion in decks. There are so many better options at the 5 mana cost mark.

Blood Warriors – Warrior CardBlood Warriors Hearthstone Card

‘Add a copy of each damaged friendly minion to your hand.’

Another Warrior card for the dust pile. Blood Warriors is a good idea, you get to add some cards to your hand in a similar way to using battle rage.

It’s just far too unreliable though. There will be lots of games when you never get the opportunity to use this card, and dead cards in hand are very detrimental to your game.

Validated Doomsayer Hearthstone CardValidated Doomsayer – Neutral Card

‘At the start of your turn, set this minion’s Attack to 7.’

This is another card with a huge risk, and doesn’t have the cost that makes it worth it. For 5 mana, the chance of having a 7/7 the following turn is just too risky and costly.

I find it hard to see this being played in any form of deck for the foreseeable future. So dust it and move on I say.

Darkspeaker Hearthstone CardDarkspeaker – Neutral Card

‘Battlecry: Swap stats with a friendly minion.’

This card isn’t going to see play. What benefit is there to swapping stats with a friendly minion and at a cost of 5 mana?

Even if you swap with a high stat minion, you’re dropping that minions’ stats after you do it. I just can’t see a place for this card, even in experimental decks. It’s better off as dust if you pull any copies from card packs.

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