5 Whispers of the Old Gods Legendary Cards to Dust

whispers of the old gods hearthstone

Dust is the currency you use to make cards in Hearthstone. You can disenchant duplicate cards for their dust value, or make cards that you don’t have in your collection. Or, if you need a second copy.

There are two ways to get cards. You either get them in a pack you opened, or you craft them from dust. Which is why I have put together 5 Whispers of the Old Gods Legendary cards to dust so you can get rid of dead cards in your collection and craft some useful ones.

If you don’t know how to disenchant cards, just click on a card in your collection to see the options below. Click disenchant, and you will receive the dust value as shown.

As you will see from the table below you lose 4 times the value and more when disenchanting and making a card of the same rarity. So it’s very important you never disenchant a card you will want to make again later!

disenchanting a legendary hearthstone card

Crafting Dust Values Guide

Here is a table showing the amount of dust you will receive or spend when making and disenchanting cards of different rarity.

Card RarityCraft Dust CostDisenchant Dust CostGolden Craft Dust CostGolden Disenchant Dust Cost
White - Common40540050
Blue - Rare10020800100
Purple - Epic4001001600400
Orange - Legendary1600400320016000

5 Whispers of the Old Gods Legendary Cards to Dust

No one can say a card will never be relevant. But you can have a very good idea based on stats the trends in the META how likely it is certain cards will ever be used. The following cards are not used at all right now. It’s also very unlikely they will see play in the near future, or possibly ever.

If you pull these legendaries out of a pack my advice is to dust them and use the dust to make cards that you will actually use in competitive decks.

Anomalus Hearthstone CardAnomalus – Mage Legendary

‘Deathrattle: Deal 8 damage to all minions.’

This card doesn’t fit well into the mage builds and archetypes. An 8/6 for 8 mana needs a serious upside to be played. This card has a downside, dealing 8 damage to the board is not what you want as a mage. This means it damages your minions as well as your opponents.

It’s designed for a very slow control deck, which has never worked very effectively with mage. There is potential for it to be included in a Reno Mage build, but you’re much better off with the dust.

Cho’gallWarlock LegendaryCho'gall Hearthstone Card

‘Battlecry: The next spell you cast this turn costs Health instead of Mana.’

This is an interesting battlecry, and you can imagine some scenarios where it would be useful. So, why is no one playing this card? It’s just too situational and costly for that purpose.

If you have this card you can dust it safe in the knowledge that it’s donating dust to a better cause. A card that you will use often and not just have sitting in your collection.

Nat, the Darkfisher Hearthstone Card

Nat, the DarkfisherNeutral Legendary

‘At the start of your opponent’s turn, they have a 50% chance to draw an extra card.’

This is just a horrible card. Why would you want to give your opponent the chance to draw cards? It only has a 2/4 body too, nothing to get excited about dropping on curve and not worth the downside.

This guy pops out of shredders in wild and it’s just a nightmare. If you have been unlucky/lucky enough to get this from a pack dust it as soon as you can.

Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Hearthstone Card

Y’Shaarj, Rage UnboundNeutral Legendary

‘At the end of your turn, put a minion from your deck into the battlefield.’

There were 4 Gods released with the Whispers of the Old Gods set release. Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound is by far the weakest and doesn’t see any play.

It’s just too slow for the current META, and the foreseeable future. To use 10 mana and play this card, have it live a turn and then pull something of value from your hand is too much to ask.

Soggoth the SlithererNeutral Legendary

Soggoth the Slitherer Hearthstone Card‘Taunt: Can’t be targeted by spells or hero Powers.’

I have pulled two of these from card packs and sent them both to the dust grinder. It’s not the worst card by far, and I can see it being used as a replacement for other cards in some instances. But you’re much better off dusting it in the long run.

At 9 mana there are so many really powerful cards available that are a lot better than this card it’s hard to ever imagine it being relevant.

So, there you have it. 5 Whispers of the Old Gods legendary cards to dust if you have them in your collection. There is no point having dead cards holding up you building out more decks that you can use now on the ladder and have fun.

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