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How to Play This DeckBeast Druid Deck for Legend Rank

I’ve been waiting for a good beast Druid deck for a while now, this beast druid deck for legend rank is what finally took me to legend. I had a lot of success with this deck against the Warriors, Warlocks and Shamans that are hogging a lot of the ladder.

Obviously, there is always the chance you can do Druid things, i.e. Innovate out some big units that your opponent with struggle with early. But there is also a lot of synergy to look out for with this deck. Mark of Y’Shaarj is a great addition from the latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. You can buff a beast and draw a card, insane value.

Look to gain and control the board before going face. If you can establish large taunts and keep your opponent off the board you’re going to win.

Synergies to Look For

Mark of Y’Shaarj + any beast.

Fandral Staghelm + any ‘choose one’ cards.

Violet Teacher + any spells.

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