Best Druid Deck August 16 Season 29

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Best Druid Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Druid Deck August 16 Season 29 ladder climb. Token-Yogg Druid is possibly the strongest deck on ladder right now. It’s capable of winning vs any deck with the random power of Yogg. It has a lot of strong removal, and late game units like Onyxia.

If you don’t have Onyxia you can use Cenarius or Ragnaros. Onyxia works well with Power of the Wild though and can shut out a game. Use Raven Idols for spells to charge up Yogg even more and find more removal.

The only real hard games are against aggressive decks if you don’t draw early removal. Apart from that, most games are at least 50/50, have fun!

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