Best Druid Deck June 2016 Season 27

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How to Play This Deckbest druid deck june 2016 season 27

This is the Best Druid Deck June 2016 Season 27 to climb the ladder fast and have a consistent win ratio with the Druid class. Beast Druid is a very strong archetype right now, the combination of big taunts and synergy with Fandral Staghelm can shut down early season aggro.

This deck plays out like a lot of Druid decks. Mulligan for those innervate’s early and look to drop a big minion that your opponent can’t remove. Then establish board with taunts and look to synergize Violet Tacher and Power of the Wild.

Savage Combatant is great for picking off minions with your face but keep an eye on your health vs aggro decks and be aware of what burst they might be holding. It’s a patient deck that looks to control the board before killing your opponents in a nice, slow, death.

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