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How to Play This DeckBest Face Hunter Wild Deck

This is the Best Face Hunter Wild Deck I’ve been able to put together. Remember, this is a WILD deck, you can only use this in the wild mode. Wild is nowhere near as popular as the Standard Mode, but I have been playing around in Wild quite a lot recently.

I have had a good amount of success with this deck list because the META in wild is unpredictable and mostly midrange decks. Giving face hunter the chance to burst opponents down before they can establish their large minions on the board.

It’s a typical face hunter. But for those who are not familiar with the deck there are a few simple steps to follow:

1.Mulligan for 1 drops.

2.Curve out into weapons and start hitting face.

3.Pick off any favourable trades but hit face mostly.

4.Use your hero power as often as possible so you don’t run out of cards.

You are basically trying to rush your opponent and kill them before they drop too many minions to push damage at you or can heal. You won’t win all matches, control decks with good board clears and heals in particular will counter you pretty hard.

Have fun, your opponents sure will not be!

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