Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From

Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From 12 win arena

I’ve put together this list of 5 of the best Hearthstone arena streamers to learn from to help you up your arena game and improve your arena win average.

Whether you enjoy arena or want to build up your collection by going infinite and generating loads of gold and packs from rewards, the quickest way to up your average is to learn from the best.

There is more on the line with arena than ladder. It costs 150 gold per run and you need to hit at least 7 wins to make that gold back plus packs (7+ wins is why it’s called going infinite).

With Hearthstone being an expensive game to keep up with all the latest cards, being good at arena is a good way to build your collection without spending real money.

So, if you want to improve your average I suggest you check out the streamers below. They are all infinite players, some will answer questions, explain their plays, and help you out.

5 of The Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From

Kripp – Team SoloMid

Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From Kripp

With more than 1 million followers on Twitch, Kripp is the most popular Hearthstone streamers and plays almost exclusively arena.

He’s pretty good too, of course. Although honestly there are other arena streamers that often finish higher on the leaderboard than he does but he’s one of the elite arena players so he’s on this list.

There is little chance of being heard with his chat being constantly spammed by thousands of people, but you can learn a lot about playing arena by watching him play and listening to him talking through turns.

If you’re interested in arena you need to follow Kripp. If you’re after a more personal approach them check some of the others on this list too.

Kripp’s Twitch Channel

Kripp’s Twitch

Shadybunny – Team F2k

Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From Shadybunny

Shadybunny is probably the most analytical arena streamer on this list. He will go over certain turns in fine detail to find the best possible line, which is awesome if you’re watching to better your game.

He does a lot of co-ops too. So you get to see him coaching people live, as well as working with other skilled arena players.

As with most arena streamers, his chat is full of arena enthusiasts, and most importantly Shady keeps the spam to a minimum so people can talk with one another and him.

His channel is the place to hangout if you want to improve your arena skills. Ask questions, chat, make friends, and I’m certain you’ll improve if you’re there for the right reasons.

Shadybunny’s Twitch Channel

Shadybunny’s Twitter


Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From Hafu

It always seems like Hafu is just finishing a 12-win run or on her way to 12 wins whenever I drop in on her stream.

I know she plays on more than one account and usually ends up high on the arena leaderboard with one or more of her accounts.

Even though she is one of the best arena players it’s probably not the best place for new players to learn. She plays at the fastest pace of all the names on this list, so it can be hard to keep up.

If you’re already an average to good player or willing to study her VODs however, you can dissect some of the highest level arena gameplay on Twitch.

Hafu’s Twitch Channel

Hafu’s Twitter


Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From Dreads

Dreads has been #1 on the Arena leaderboard at least once and has been near the top more times than I can remember – that means he maintains a high average win rate through the month.

I actually think he’s hilarious. He makes a lot of jokes while streaming has a humorous way of explaining things, and brings some quality entertainment to the table.

Jokes aside, Dreads really goes into good detail about why he drafts certain cards, how they synergize, what the current arena meta is, and the plays he makes.

It’s a fun place to learn arena and the community are friendly. You’ll either improve your own arena average or have a lot of fun trying.

Dreads’ Twitch Channel

Dreads’ Twitter


Best Hearthstone Arena Streamers to Learn From Amaz

Amaz is one of the most polarizing personalities in Hearthstone. If you haven’t heard the Scamaz memes, you will soon once you start following him.

He’s a great arena player though, often finishing high on the monthly leaderboard. He has a huge following of almost a million, and like Kripp it’s almost impossible to ask questions in chat and have them answered.

There’s a lot of quality gameplay to watch however, and he has a lot of fun with the viewers. All those 12-win arena runs can’t be a coincidence!

He often blasts through the drafting process but if you take some notes and pick up some tips from one of the best you’ll improve your average.

Amaz’s Twitch Channel

Amaz’s Twitter


Obviously, there are lots of other great arena streamers and I can think of another handful that deserves to be on this list, but I thought I’d keep it to just 5 so it doesn’t become a huge post.

If you want to give anyone a shout out or think I should give them an honorable mention then drop me a note below and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy arena gaming, and good luck on getting those 12 wins! It should be easy after watching these pros.

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