Best Journey to Un’Goro Legendary Cards to Craft

Journey to Un'Goro Adapt Art Work

I hope you had plenty of luck opening your Journey to Un’Goro packs and ripped open plenty of legendaries.

Getting all the best legendaries you will need for META decks for the next few months is unlikely from packs, you’re going to need to spend some dust.

It’s expensive spending dust to make legendaries (1600 dust), so you want to make sure you’re crafting cards that will see a lot of play.

Don’t hold me accountable, but I was pretty accurate when recommending Mean Streets of Gadgetzan legendaries that were must haves.

With the Quest mechanic being a new tool, and most of the quests having insane rewards, it’s no surprise that you should craft these for your favorite classes.

There are a few other strong cards too, here are the legendaries from the Un’Goro set to try and add to your collection:

Best Journey to Un’Goro Legendary Cards to Craft

Neutral Legendaries

There are less really strong neutral legendary minions than in previous expansions, however these are going to be a staple in several deck archetypes:

Spiritsinger Umbra

Spiritsinger Umbra HS Card

This is an interesting card. Not always going to be easy to pull off on curve, but loads of potential at different stages of the game.

It’s one of those cards that has pseudo-taunt too, your opponent will have to kill it or be punished.





Ozruk HS Card

Blizzard has been generous with the quality of the Elemental cards in general.

With a large amount of low-cost Elementals and other synergies, at turn 9 it’s realistic that you will be able to drop Ozruk as a 5/15 or a 5/20.

With Taunt that’s pretty crazy.



Class Legendaries

Most of the quests are good enough to build a deck around, there are some pretty decent class legendaries too, here is the best of the bunch:


Druid – Jungle Giants Quest

Jungle Giants HS Druid Quest Card Barnabus the Stomper HS Druid Card

Shouldn’t be too hard to activate this quest with some early ramp. Once your minions cost 0, and you play an 8/8 for 5 mana things are going to get crazy.

Priest – Awaken the Makers

Awaken the Makers HS Priest Card Amara Warden of Hope

Control Priest is going to be a top-tier deck when the new expansion is out. Deathrattle minions are usually pretty awesome, then you get rewarded with an 8/8 for 5 mana and 40 health!

Shaman – Unite the Murlocs

Unite the Murlocs HS Shaman Card Megafin HS Shaman Card

Murloc Shaman is going to be a real deck with this quest and some other cards coming with the expansion. It combines card draw with a load of crazy murlocs.

Warlock – Lakkari Sacrifice

Lakkari Sacrifice HS Warlock Card Nether Portal HS Warlock Card

This is the real meaning of infinite value. Discardlock is a powerfularchetypee, now you have the added reward of 3/2 Imps popping out a portal afterwards.

Class Minions

King Mosh

King Mosh HS Warrior Card

This dino is a pretty efficient board clear tool in control Warrior with a whirlwind effect, and it leaves a 9/7 body on the board.






Kalimos, Primal Lord

kalimos Primal Lord HS Shaman Card

This card is crazy strong. You can see all of the Elemental Invocation options here.

Shaman Elemental decks are going to be really strong.





Swamp King Dred

Swamp King Dred HS Hunter Card

Not only is this guy a 9/9 for 7 mana, he’s also a beast, and he immediately eats up any minions your opponent plays.

Insane value, awesome mechanic, and a must play in beast Hunter decks.

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