Best Kobolds and Catacombs Legendary Cards to Craft

Best Knights of the Frozen Throne Legendary Cards to Craft

Hearthstone isn’t cheap, and with 22 more legendaries coming in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion we need to be smart where we spend our dust if we want to make as many competitive decks as possible.

The META is almost impossible to predict, but there are always some cards that are obviously very powerful and you will need them to keep competitive.

Here are the best Kobolds and Catacombs legendary cards to craft with your dust if you aren’t lucky enough to rip them from packs:

Best Kobolds and Catacombs Legendary Cards to Craft

Neutral Legendaries to Craft

Master Oakheart

Master Oakheart HS Card

The only neutral legendary worth sparing the dust for this expansion is Master Oakheart.

We can’t predict exactly what decks he will fit into yet. The statline and battlecry is good value for the cost so it’ll work in some decks.

But if you’re short on dust there are more important class-specific cards below.

Class Legendaries to Craft

Woecleaver – Warrior

Woecleaver HS Warrior Legendary Card

The value of this card is pretty obvious. Shape your deck with large taunts and defensive cards and Woecleaver can pull you from behind or close out a game.

Well worth crafting if you enjoy playing warrior, this card will see play in a new archetype of big warrior.



Grumble, World Shaker

Grumble Worldshaker HS Shaman Legendary Card

A lot of the pro’s are hyped about Grumble, Worldshaker, and that’s because it’s battlecry is nuts.

You get to replay all your battlecry minions at full health again for 1-mana each.

A very strong card, the best Shaman has to offer, but not as good as what some of the other classes got, unfortunately.


Kathrena Winterwisp

Kathrena Winterwisp HS Hunter Legendary Card

Hunter is going to be a lot stronger in the Kobolds and Catacombs era, and Kathrena Winterwisp will be a staple in all beast/big Hunter builds.

A strong card on its own, and synergizes with some other cards in the set really well too.



Aluneth HS Mage Card

Card draw is a powerful mechanic in Hearthstone, and 3 cards a turn quickly becomes insane value.

This will be an auto-include in all control mages archetypes. Weapon removal will suck, but this is well worth crafting.



Skull of the Man’ari

Skull of the Manari HS Warlock Legendary Card

This weapon is going to be bonkers, mark my words.

There are some many high-value demons that you’re spoiled for choice what to play.

I predict this weapon to be meta-defining in some way.




Kingsbane HS Rogue Legendary Card

It’s hard to theory craft the deck this will fit into, but Kingsbane is clearly nutty value.

With the Cavern Shineyfinder pulling it out of your deck and retaining its buffs there are going to be some crazy things happening with this card.


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