Best Mage Deck August 16 Season 29

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Best Mage Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Mage Deck August 16 Season 29 for climbing the ladder quickly. Tempo Mage is hot right now, there are lots of different builds and you have some flexibility with some of the card choices, but the goal is the same – out tempo your opponent.

I like having one Polymorph to deal with some of the massive threats that hit the board. Look to mulligan for your Mana Wyrm and low costs spells sto start.

All the power comes from a big Flamewaker turn with Mirror Image and damage spells. Then, of course Yogg-Saron is a late game win condition. If you have cast more than 10 spells before casting Yogg there is a very good chance you will clear the board and draw some cards.

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