Best Mage Deck June 2016 Season 27

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How to Play This DeckBest Mage Deck June 2016 Season 27

Tempo Mage is one of my personal favorite decks, and I have taken it to legend many times across many different builds. This is going to be the Best Mage Deck June 2016 Season 27 to start off with a fast ladder climb.

The removal spells are all pretty standard to the build. I have added 1 x Faceless Summoner, 1 x Ethereal Conjurer, and 1 x Polymorph as tech choices. There are a lot of different tech card and you will have to react to the META accordingly. I prefer Ragnaros over Yogg-Saron for the consistency of the deck, but you can swap those around if you want some fun.

Mulligan hard for Mana Wyrm and Mirror Image vs aggro. Hold for the coin for Flamewaker unless you’re under a lot of pressure from Zoo or a similar board swarm deck.

Tip – Don’t forget that Arcane Blast receives + 2 spell damage per buff. So a Cult Sorcerer and an Azure Drake on the board means the spell will do 6 damage. It’s a tempo deck, take the board and own it!

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