Best Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendary Cards to Craft

Aya Lotus Hearthstone Art

I hope you had plenty of luck opening your Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs and landed plenty of legendaries. But having all the good legendaries is unlikely from packs and you will need to spend some dust.

It’s expensive spending dust to make legendaries (1600 dust), so you want to make sure you’re crafting cards that will see a lot of play.

I can’t be held accountable, but I can recommend some of the more important and powerful legendaries from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set.

Consider making any of these if you have enough dust:

Best Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendary Cards to Craft

Kazakus Tri-Class Kabal (Mage, Priest, Warlock)

Kazakus HS Legendary Tri-Class Card

Kazakus  has been the most eagerly awaited card since it was unveiled at Blizzcon.

It brings a new mechanic to the game where you can build a custom spell, a very powerful custom spell too.

This is going to be one of the most fun cards, and will see play in all Reno builds.

White Eyes – Shaman

White Eyes HS Shaman Legendary Card

White Eyes is a 5/5 for 5 mana, which is vanilla. But the deathrattle shuffles a 10/10 for 5 mana into your deck – insane!

This is going to be a key card in all control decks, and may find its way into some midrange builds, we will have to see.

It’s certainly a very powerful card and deserves a place in your collection.


Aya Blackpaw Tri-Class Lotus (Druid, Shaman, Rogue)

Aya Blackpaw HS Legendary Card

The Jade Golem mechanic looks pretty cool, and seeing some games played now I can confirm it’s incredibly strong.

Aya Blackpaw is a must for all Jade Golem decks as she summons a Jade Golem with both her battlecry and deathrattle.

This is one of the most important cards of the MSG set.

Raza the Chained – Priest

Raza the Chained HS Legendary Priest Card

Most of the class legendaries were underwhelming, but the Shaman and Priest legendaries are pretty sweet.

Raza the Chained changes your hero power to zero cost for the remainder of the game if you have no duplicates (Reno Deck).

Most cards that help you cheat or save mana end up being value cards that help you outvalue your opponent, and I expect this to be the case with this card.

Finja, the Flying Star – Neutral

Finja, the Flying Star HS Card LegendaryMurloc decks are so much fun, but they usually fall a little short of being decent. (Except Anyfin Paladin).

There have been a few new murloc cards with the new expansion and this legendary is the standout card.

I expect this card to find its way into a lot of different murloc decks so it’s worth crafting if you have the dust.

Hobart Grapplehammer – Warrior

Hobart Grapplehammer HS Warrior CardA 2/2 for 2 mana is nothing special, but a battlecry that gives all your weapons +1 attack is!

This guy is a staple in the Pirate Warrior decks causing havoc all over the ladder and brings a lot of value to any Warrior deck.



Patches the Pirate – Neutral

Patches the Pirate HS Legendary CardThis one came as a little bit of a surprise, it’s only a 1/1 with charge after all.

But with the rest of the pirate cards that were released Patches is probably the most commonly seen legendary from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

If you want to play pirates, you need this guy. He shoots out of a cannon when you play a pirate and starts charging face.

17 thoughts on “Best Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendary Cards to Craft”

  1. I’m thinking to craft Aya! I got 2 legendaries in fifty packs: Raza and Genzo. Any cards that are worth disenchanting?

    1. Hey Hans

      I always disenchant all the golden cards, even if I might need them later because you can craft a normal card for the same amount you disenchant a golden one for.

      Go through your epics and see which you can disenchant from those first, a lot of epics are not useful there are more for fun. Let me know which ones you have if you want.

      1. really? wow….I have over 50k dust in golden wild legendaries… dude… %75 of the fun is collecting. If you just… DESTROY your cards every time you want to make something else… what do you have? why do I need a golden dr boom if I never play wild? cuz I WANT one….. Man, get a JOB and PAY, and you’ll get dust that way. no need to be a scrub, man

        1. Yo

          75% of the fun in the game is collecting for you? Impressive, and glad you enjoy hoarding, I can’t imagine it’s where most others find the majority of their fun in Hearthstone.

          Shiny things hold no power over me, I’d rather liquidate and redistribute efficiently. But hey, if you have it all you may as well bask in your riches.

          1. I agree 100%. Shiny cards look nice. But when you have several decks you want to build and you are missing key cards, I’d rather dust off my golden cards for better cards that I can actually play.

            For me, the fun comes out of experimenting with fun decks….and winning of course. Shiny cards that don’t help me do this are worthless to me. I do enjoy collecting, but I’d rather collect a full expansion set with no goldens, than 1/2 a set with goldens. That’s just me though.

        2. Gold cards serve no purpose other than looking cool with some half-assed “animated” art. If you craft gold cards to show us all how much money you wasted, you’re an idiot. If you have a bunch of gold dupes that you never dust in order to expand your deck building potential… again, you’re an idiot.

          1. Collecting Gold Cards IS a lot of fun to some people. And…if I want to spend MY MONEY MY WAY, that makes me an idiot?? I think you need a new outlook on life in general.

  2. Finja, White Eyes, and Raza are all garbage.

    5 mana 2/4, summon 2 crap murlocs -next turn- (if you can kill a minion, that is) GARBAGE
    5 mana 5/5 taunt, shuffle a big vanilla creature into your deck? – I want to say there is some kind of better 5/5 taunt in shaman, like maybe it costs 0 mana? or 1?
    5 mana 5/5 that makes a Hero Power that doesn’t affect the board cost 0… Ok, maybe against aggro, you guarantee yourself a heal for 2 every turn while still being able to play your cards at max value, sure. But “outvalue your opponent”? Um, no. Not at all.

    1. Hey Eversor!

      Hmmm appreciate your points but I’m not sure I agree.

      Why summon crap murlocs? 2 Minions hitting the board and thinning your deck is pretty powerful. Murloc decks always come in and out of the META and Finja adds something pretty cool to the deck building.

      I have over 70% win rate with N’Zoth Shaman, as do many other players I’m sure. White Eyes is the MVP of the deck, cast Ancestral Spirit on it, or even just getting the 5 mana 10/10 deserves a slot. It’s not the same as Thing from Below, I wouldn’t compare the two.

      You don’t think the Priest hero power affects the board? Seriously.

    2. hahaha i hope a shadow priest deck fck you really hard with Raza 😀 then you will think about those other “garbage” twice before thinking that are useless because of your lack of imagination.

      1. Yeah, Raza gets better and better the more people experiment with it. The effect is obviously pretty awesome, I’ve lost to some shadowform decks and seen opponents healing faster than I can kill them.

        1. Yeah. Raza outvalues many other Priest 5 drops in-late game. 0 Mana Heal 4 Each turn with Justicar, or Deal 4 with Auchenai. Additionally, there’s always the chance of discovering Koldarra Drake.

    3. has this guy even played these cards white eyes and raza are sick cards. Not sure about the murloc I havent used this card yet.

  3. I’d say that the best to craft are Kazakus, Aya and Patches.

    Raza is good, but bit as good as the three above, plus it’s limited to only one class.
    Time has shown Hobart is not really played by warriors. Too bad of a topdeck, and it’s better to play ooze for aggro match ups.

    White Eyes is powerful, but shaman is now really strong as aggro or mid range, and you don’t wanna play White Eyes in these archetypes. It far not the first choice to spend dust on. But it’s a fun card =)
    Finja? Such a tempo loss for a CHANCE to pull him off? No, this card is again fun, but don’t spend your dust on this, if you are limited.

    What I would point as a candidates to craft (as after the first three I mentioned) are Wrathion, Inkmaster Solia, Wickerflame Burnbristle and maybe Don Han Cho. Dragon Priest and Reno Mage are pretty strong decks, new Paladin is strong, but yet too klunky and inconsistent. Don Han Cho has potential in a range of decks and not limited to a single one.

    1. I’ve been playing a lot of Reno Priest, Raza the Chained and Kazakus are the star cards, the deck is so much weaker without them so I recommend making both of these if you’re serious about playing Priest.

      1. good discussion…
        in the two months down since this discussion it feels like kazakus, raza, patches, and aya blackpaw are the top MSG legendaries in play. That a card is neutral or family rather than a specific class can bias the frequency which makes raza seem prtty popular. Honestly, it seems like kazakus is the favorite here. too much fun creating a spell give your board…

        I will say that inkmaster solia in the reno mage deck can have some serious firepower. The big spell combos that play can pour out with are stout – pyroblast, blizzard, flamestrike.

        1. kazakus, raza, patches, and aya were well know top of the best before even released

          thus why you are a total dipshit

          always use tempo as code

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