Best Paladin Deck June 2016 Season 27

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How to Play This DeckBest Paladin Deck June 2016 Season 27

With Secret Paladin build firmly stuck in the Wild META Paladin has seen a drop in appearance on the ladder. This is the Best Paladin Deck June 2016 Season 27 for climbing though and it’s a very strong deck.

There are lots of healing and board clears so you ‘re looking to last the first few turns before you start to put your main game plan into place. Don’t be surprised if you hero power the first 2-3 turns. Wild Pyromancer + Equality is one of the most effect and cheap board clears in Hearthstone.

N’Zoth is the main win condition. With Sylvanas Windrunner, Cairne Bloodhoof and Tirion Fordring in the graveyard you’re going to come back from most board states by dropping N’Zoth. Be aware of what burn your opponent may have and balance your health against dropping N’Zoth.

It’s a slower control deck than most the early season ladder climbing decks. So don’t expect fast games, but you can make up for this with a higher win percentage once you’re used to playing the deck.

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