Best Paladin Wild Deck Secret Paladin w N’Zoth

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Best Paladin WIld Deck Secret Paladin w N'ZothThis is the Best Paladin Wild Deck Secret Paladin w N’Zoth. Wild format is a crazy and unpredictable META, unlike what you find in the Standard Format.

Secret Paladin was once a force in Standard, when it cycled out it carried on in Wild. This is the strongest Paladin deck you can build to counter what are strong value-based decks in wild.

If you curve out well it’s almost unstoppable. N’Zoth adds an extra win condition and if you can bring back Tirion, Boom Bots, and Sludge Belchers you are going to have a board that can’t be beaten.

You can tech in an Eater of Secrets if you are facing a lot of mirror matches and Freeze Mages. This is a solid deck though and I’m sure you will climb the ladder at a decent pace.

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