Best Priest Deck June 2016 Season 27

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How to Play This DeckBest Priest Deck June 2016 Season 27

The Best Priest Deck June 2016 Season 27 is the N’Zoth Priest build. Being able to control the board and cycle through 6 deathrattle minions makes this an obvious choice.

Shifting Shade‘s are insanely powerful cards. Museum Curator allow you to choose your deathrattle minions, while powerful AOE spells and board clears allow you to keep the board clear. It’s a deck with a lot of options and variations and is pretty fun to play.

There are lots of healing or damage options with Auchenai Soulpriest. You can flip the switch and use Flash Heal, Darkshire Alchemist, and Circle of Healing for some serious burst and board clears.

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