Best Tempo Mage Wild Deck June 2016

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How to Play This DeckBest Tempo Mage Wild Deck June 2016

Tempo Mage is all about forcing the tempo and not allowing your opponent to get on the board to form an attack against you. There are a lot of different builds, especially in Wild where you have access to the whole card collection. This is the Best Tempo Mage Wild Deck June 2016 at this time.

Mulligan hard for your Mana Wyrm and cheap removal spells. If you can curve out into Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Flamewaker you can really start to run away with the game.

Remember, this is a deck for the Wild format. Here you have Mad Scientist, one of the value cards that was cycled out in the Standard format. Always keep these in your opening hand to pull a secret out for free. If you find you end up with both Mirror Entity’s in your hand often, or one with a Mad Scientist out then swap one for a Counterspell.

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