Best Warlock Deck September 16 Season 30

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Best Warlock Deck September 16 Season 30We have a new Best Warlock Deck September 16 Season 30 with the new card Malchezaar’s Imp released on the last day of the adventure One Night in Karazhan.

Discardlock is now a really strong Warlock archetype. I like it because it has loads of synergy and interaction between the cards, it’s not just a curve out strong deck.

This is the new Zoolock for sure, it has stronger baseline minions, more card draw, and where it looses burst in Power Overwhelming, it makes up for it with more board presence.

Mulligan Guide for Discard Warlock

Mulligan hard for Malchezaar’s Imp and some other 1 drops to get a strong start. Cycle your discard and card draw as soon as you can as you can’t bank on certain minions sticking on board.

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