Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock

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Best Warlock Wild Deck ZoolockThis list is the Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock archetype. Zoo has been a top tier deck for a long time and it’s not going anywhere, especially in Wild. With the inclusion of Imp-losion and Nerubian Egg’s you have a couple of powerful cards from the older sets to throw into the deck.

For the few people who don’t know how to play zoo it’s really straightforward. You drop as many low cost minions as possible and use the buffs to trade up and control the board.

The deck is only weak to board clears like AOE spells, but even then you can populate a board pretty quickly again after.

Leeroy + Power Overwhelming is the main win condition. 10 from the hand and a Soulfire is a lot of burst. Don’t expect many games to go past turn 10, which is important in the Wild Format where N’Zoth decks are everywhere!

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