Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate Warrior

Ship's Cannon Hearthstone Art

Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate WarriorThere is no escaping the power of Pirate Warrior, and this includes the Wild Format. The deck is actually a little more fun in wild because you have – Ship’s Cannon.

Ship’s Cannon fires a random 2 damage cannon ball every time you play a pirate, and this includes when you summon Patches the Pirate.

So Ship’s Cannon + Pirate means 2 x 2 damage shots. This creates massive tempo swings if the hit minions early in the game.

You also have access to Death’s Bite in Wild. A turn earlier than Arcanite Reaper and a better weapon in my opinion. It’s a really strong deck and a sure bet to climb to legend in Wild.

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