Bloodlust Shaman Deck 2016 Legend Rank

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Bloodlust Shaman Deck 2016 LegendThis is a Bloodlust Shaman Deck 2016 Legend Rank that you can use to reach legend and finish high on ladder.

As you can see it’s an aggressive deck with double Bloodlust. The game-plan is to get as many minions to stick on board to set up the Bloodlust. With +3 to all minions you can burst your opponent down fast and with just a few minions on board. Or you can use it to make some favourable trades.

Thunder Bluff Valiant is a great late game card to add a lot of value to the board and allow some extra trading. Make good use of your hero power in when playing this deck, it’s high -value and synergies with the other cards.

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