Beast Druid Deck for Legend Rank

How to Play This DeckBeast Druid Deck for Legend Rank

I’ve been waiting for a good beast Druid deck for a while now, this beast druid deck for legend rank is what finally took me to legend. I had a lot of success with this deck against the Warriors, Warlocks and Shamans that are hogging a lot of the ladder.

Obviously, there is always the chance you can do Druid things, i.e. Innovate out some big units that your opponent with struggle with early. But there is also a lot of synergy to look out for with this deck. Mark of Y’Shaarj is a great addition from the latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. You can buff a beast and draw a card, insane value.

Look to gain and control the board before going face. If you can establish large taunts and keep your opponent off the board you’re going to win.

Synergies to Look For

Mark of Y’Shaarj + any beast.

Fandral Staghelm + any ‘choose one’ cards.

Violet Teacher + any spells.

Mid Range Hunter Deck Fast Legend May Season

How to Play This DeckMid range hunter deck fast legend may season

Mid range hunter has always been a solid deck since the beginning of Hearthstone. This mid range hunter deck fast legend May season deck is very powerful. It’s gone through some up’s and down’s however and after the recent Whispers of the Old Gods release Rexxar went into hiding for a while.

It didn’t take too long to find a few build that fit in with the META really well, and this deck is very strong right now. You can curve out with Firey Bat, into King’s Elekk for card draw, or Huge Toad. Animal Companion and Carrion Grub are very strong 3 drops that synergize with Houndmaster.

Call of the Wild is an insanely powerful card. You get all three Animal Companions at once. Giving you a 5/2 Huffer to charge with, and a 4/4 taunt, and the 2/4 Leeok. Now, that is what you call value. All for 8 mana, and all dropped from one card. So lasting to turn 8 with a neutral or beneficial board then dropping this gives you an incredibly likely chance of winning.

It’s a weapon heavy META so the inclusion of Harrison Jones as a tech choice is a smart decision.

Synergies to Look For

Beast + Houndmaster. The 2/2 + taunt is very good value.

Stampeding Kodo – Destroying a minion with 2 or less health can swing a game.

Beast + Kill Command – 5 attack instead of 3 is often worth waiting for.

Trump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016

How to Play This DeckTrump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016

This Trump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016 is one of many different zoo decks going around at the moment. This is one of the best parts of all the new cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods update. There are still many variations of some of the most competitive decks and the META is sill changing daily.

The two Doomguard tech choice can work out to be very clunky in the hand. One of the best things about zoo is being almost guaranteed to have one drops in your opening hand, you don’t have to float mana very often, and you can of course tap away when you’re out of cards.

Most of the synergy revolves around the Darkshire Councilman. Try and get the drops off the Imp Gang Boss and Possessed Villager to buff his attack. As well as dropping a board of Forbidden Ritual tentacles. There is loads of burst potential, even without Leeroy Jenkins. You can look for more Power Overwhelming‘s from Dark Peddlers and set up burst of 16 + with a Doomguard and 3 PO’s.

Forsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck

Renounce Darkness is one of those interesting and fun cards that doesn’t get much play. When you do play it you can get some insane wins, have a lot of fun, and start to believe in the card. This Forsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck falls into this category.

I’ve played this deck for 30+ games and have a slightly less than 50% win ratio. It’s certainly more of a fun deck than a seriously laddering deck. The Yogg-Saron ending brings chaos to any game, Elise Starseeker gives you that end game random influx of legendaries too.

I’m interested to hear how anyone gets on with this deck. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any tech changes that improve the deck. I’ve love to have a solid Renounce Darkness deck to ladder with.

Trump Priest N’Zoth Deck May 2016

How to Play This DeckTrump Priest N'Zoth Deck May 2016

This is the Trump Priest N’Zoth Deck May 2016. N’Zoth Priest decks are very strong control decks with a few different win conditions and the ability to outlast other control decks with its extended card draw capabilities.

Maximize the amount of good deathrattle cards you send to the graveyard while playing this deck. Mulligan for Museum Curator‘s early. They don’t trade well, but finding a good deathrattle minion that will come back again when you drop N’Zoth makes this card excellent value.

You have some powerful AOE combinations. Auchenai Soulpriest plus Circle of Healing is a 4 damage board clear on turn 4. One of the most powerful early game clearance mechanics. It does damage your own minions as well, so plan ahead if you’re going to use this combination.

It’s not a simple deck to play and does have a learning curve. Knowing when to use Flash Heal to heal your face or a minion, or waiting for a combination with Auchenai Soulpriest to damage the opponent takes some practice. As well as being aware of what is likely in your opponents deck. So knowing what to use your Cabal Shadow Priest and Entomb on also takes some smart decision making.

Forsen OG Tempo Mage Standard Deck May 2016

How to Play This DeckForsen OG Tempo Mage Standard Deck May 2016

I love hanging out in Forsen’s Twitch channel and LUL’ing at the chat while he plays some Hearthstone. This is the Forsen OG Tempo Mage Standard Deck May 2016 I watched him playing on stream.

Personally, I don’t like Yogg-Saron, played a lot with this card and it let me down more than it helped. I swap him out for Ragnaros which seems to work better for me. It’s certainly one of the most fun cards in the game though!

Tempo mage is about capturing that early tempo, as the name suggests. Mulligan hard for those Mana Wyrm‘s, Mirror Image vs aggro decks, and cheap spells along with a Sorcerer’s Apprentice. If you are playing on the coin and can get a double Mana Wyrm into Sorcerer’s Apprentice and some cheap spells, there are few decks that can push you off the board.

Be aware of board clears and AOE spells. Don’t overcommit and you will do fine vs almost any deck with a good start. Control and grinding decks will outlast you and the lack of taunts in the deck is an issue to aggro if you don’t draw well. Overall, I would say Tempo Mage is a solid Tier Two deck.

Chakki Control Warrior Deck

How to Play This DeckChakki Control Warrior Deck

I’m a big fan of Chakki. This Chakki Control Warrior deck is the exact list he used for competition and laddering in the May 2016 season.

His tech choices that differ from some other lists I’ve seen are Harrison Jones, and Baron Geddon. Harrison is an awesome choice in the weapon heavy META we are currently in. Dropping him on a Doomhammer is about as satisfying as it gets. Even if you do overdraw!

The synergy in the current Warrior builds works very well together. The Ravaging Ghoul is an awesome addition from the Old Gods cards. Dropping the Ghoul while you have an Acolyte of Pain down gives you some value card draw. As well as sweeping up all the one health annoying minions found in a lot of aggro decks.

Justicar Truehart for tanking up is good synergy with Baron Geddon. You can take your opponents into fatigue and keep armoring up faster than they can heal. As well as using a Brawl to reset the board. It’s an incredibly versatile deck and very strong in the current META. I don’t see much changing in the near future either. You can easily swap a tech card or two and retain a strong deck.

Forsen Pirate Warrior OG Standard Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Pirate Warrior OG Standard Deck

This is the Forsen Pirate Warrior OG Standard Deck he has been playing on stream in May 2016 with a decent amount of success.

There are a few differences to the pirate deck I played this season. Most notably the addition of Loot Hoarder and King’s Defender. With 7 weapons and two Upgrade! you’re going to be slinging weapons most turns.

It’s an aggressive deck. You will find yourself flipping from board control to face very early in the game. By the time you have an Arcanite Reaper in hand and are dropping Upgrade! on it you will almost certainly be hitting face or losing the game.

This deck is easily good enough to pilot you to legend, I’ve been using a similar deck at legend this month and had a lot of fun. Similar variations were also seen in the Americans Preliminaries. So, if you hit a losing streak don’t give up on the deck. You will struggle against a control heavy META, but that’s not the trend right now.

Trump Dragon Priest Deck May 2016

How to Play This DeckTrump Dragon Priest Deck May 2016

This Trump Dragon Priest Deck May 2016 is the exact list Trump used on ladder this month. It’s a fairly standard list. There are however a few differences to other dragon priest lists seen in this month.

The game plan is to cycle through your deathrattle minions before turn 10 when you drop N’Zoth. Mulligan hard for your Northshire Clerics to get some early card draw. You can often prioritise draw over board presence because you can rely on Holy Nova board clear, or a Blackwing Corruptor to clear a minion.

Don’t be afraid to bluff a Chillmaw if you don’t have a dragon in hand. It’s still a good 6/6 taunt and will cause mid-game problems for aggro decks. The synergy you are looking for is mostly dragon based. Along with making smart decisions from your Museum Curator discover picks.

Basic Shaman Deck Zero Dust Cost

Basic Shaman Deck Zero Dust CostHow to Play This Deck

This deck is the best basic shaman deck zero dust cost possible variant of a playable Shaman deck that I could put together. Please bare that in mind when playing it. It’s designed for new players, F2P’ers, and people looking for a zero cost deck for some kind fo challenge or tournament with special rules.

Shaman is one of the more explosive classes and you do have a good win condition in both Bloodlust, and Windfury. There are multiple buff cards too. Rockbiter, Shattered Sun Cleric, Raid Leader, and Stormwind Champion are all great and trading up against your opponent.

Mulligan hard for Rockbiter, Acidic Swap Ooze and Razorfen Hunter. Remember to save the Ooze for a weapon if you’re playing against weapon classes like Warrior, Rogue, Paladin etc. When playing a F2P deck, achieving maximum value is key.

You are restricted by the basic level cards so don’t expect to beat decks with rarer cards. However, there is something satisfying about Hex‘ing a legendary minion, or dropping the Flametongue Totem and trading up unexpectedly. It’s a fun deck to get started with, good luck!