Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock

Best Warlock Wild Deck ZoolockThis list is the Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock archetype. Zoo has been a top tier deck for a long time and it’s not going anywhere, especially in Wild. With the inclusion of Imp-losion and Nerubian Egg’s you have a couple of powerful cards from the older sets to throw into the deck.

For the few people who don’t know how to play zoo it’s really straightforward. You drop as many low cost minions as possible and use the buffs to trade up and control the board.

The deck is only weak to board clears like AOE spells, but even then you can populate a board pretty quickly again after.

Leeroy + Power Overwhelming is the main win condition. 10 from the hand and a Soulfire is a lot of burst. Don’t expect many games to go past turn 10, which is important in the Wild Format where N’Zoth decks are everywhere!

Best Warlock Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Warlock Deck August 16 Season 29Looking for the Best Warlock Deck August 16 Season 29 to get a quick start on the ladder and start ranking up? It has to be Zoolock, this deck is never out of the META and can win against all decks with a good draw.

With a bad draw it still wins vs a lot of the META decks. Play this deck out by dropping low mana minions and using the buffs to trade up and make those value trades.

Leeroy Jenkins plus + Power Overwhelming is going to be your win condition most games. There is one Soulfire too for extra reach, so plenty of burn.

New Warlock Card Imp of Malchezaar

Malchezaar's Imp Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the New Warlock Card Imp of Malchezaar. As you can see it was a Chinese reveal and I’ve picked up the card and translated it so it may change a little.

This is an obvious inclusion in an aggressive Zoolock deck with card discard minions and spells such as Doomguards and Soulfire.

The card text reads: Whenever you discard a card, draw a card. Basically, this card cycles cards for you so you don’t end up with an empty hand bu discarding quicker than you can draw.

I can see this card seeing play in some aggressive decks with lots of discard mechanics. There may be more cards to follow that synergise too, so this is definitely an interesting card.

Xixo Aggro Zoolock Deck with Wrathguard

This is the Xixo Aggro Zoolock Deck with Wrathguard that has been Xixo Aggro Zoolock Deck with Wrathguardpopular on ladder ever since he used it to win a large tournament. A
t first glance no Power Overwhelming seems crazy, but this deck is designed to work by playing larger threats on curve and using Soulfire and the Argent Commander as burst damage.

You play out similar to the standard zoolock decks by value trading and holding the board. The minions in this list are more likely to survive and you will find yourself with a larger board and stronger threats to hit face with. It often closes out games faster than standard zoo builds.

ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods META

This build is the ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods META list. Anyone who ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods METAplayed before the Old Gods release will be well aware of how strong, and fun, Handlock was. The old lists obviously relied on lowering your health and dropping those Molten Giants.

Molten Giants were nerfed and that’s no longer possible. But this list actually works in a different way, yet has those huge giant taunts. The new card Faceless Shambler is the MVP in this deck. It copies the stats of another friendly minion and adds taunt.

Tap early and get a Mountain Giant down. Faceless it, Shambler it, and get those taunts up. With almost no silence in the current META decks you can get away with some greedy plays and lock up the board.

Cipher Zoo Deck Season 28 July

This is the Cipher Zoo Deck Season 28 July that he used to ladder up. Zoo Cipher Zoo Deck Season 28 Julynever seems to drop out of the META as it’s tokens and value trading is always viable against most than half the decks in the META.

This is a one Sea Giant list with Leeroy Jenkins. The double Doomguard lists are sometimes more effective, but in the current META the burst damage of this deck is more important than the value trading potential of the Doomguards.

I always like Gormok the Impaler in my Zoo builds. It’s not hard to get the battlecry value and the burst damage just destroys so many mid-game minions. Give this list a go if you’ve been using a different listing and not having enough success.

C’Thun Warlock Deck

This is the best C’Thun Warlock Deck I can find and put C'Thun Warlock Decktogether. There is a Reno version that is pretty good too, but this is just a stright up C’Thun deck.

I played around 30 games with it and had a slightly better than 50% win ratio, so it’s not a complete washout and is more than capable of holding its own in the META. The lifetap really helps out a lot when searching for C’Thun, a problem other decks without much card draw suffer with.

Best Warlock Deck July 16 Season 28

This is the Best Warlock Deck July 16 Season 28 for climbing the ladder Best Warlock Deck July 16 Season 28quickly, and with a high win ratio. You can deal with all the early aggro people try to use to rank fast. There is a lot of synergy within the deck and some tactics to learn but it’s not a difficult deck and you will learn as you ladder.

Cheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard

How to Play This DeckCheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard

This Cheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard is perfect for new players or the free to play Hearthstone community. Zoo is the best kind of deck for cheap builds and maintaining a good win ratio as you add better cards from building up gold.

The first few turns are very important with zoo. You’re looking to flood the board and either play around AOE, hope your opponent doesn’t have AOE, or have some deathrattle minions survive AOE and carry on hitting face afterwards.

You have to trade a lot with zoo because of the threat of AOE. You want at least a neutral board state if there is a board clear, so you can start flooding the board faster than your opponent again.