Forsen Patron Hogger Warlock Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Patron Hogger Warlock Deck

I thought I would share this Forsen Patron Hogger Warlock Deck as it’s a fun deck that’s pretty strong in the current META. It shuts down a lot of aggro decks and is a problem for Tempo Mage in particular. Obviously, you don’t have the easy activators for Grim Patron as you do in Patron Warrior, but you can fill the board with a setup.

Mulligan for one drops and floor the board as you would with a Zoolock deck. Wild Pyromancer is your main activator. Use this in synergy with Grim Patron and Hogger, Doom of Elwynn to duplicate your Patrons and taunt up. If you can land a good Emperor Thaurissan on some key cards you can take board advantage and turn a game round. It’s one of the more fun and creative decks as you would expect from ‘Never Lucky’ Forsen, enjoy!

Forsen Leeroy Jenkins Warlock Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Leeroy Jenkins Warlock Deck

This Forsen Leeroy Jenkins Warlock Deck is a pretty good deck to counter the META of aggro Shaman, Tempo Warrior, and C’Thun decks. It has plenty of burn and burst damage for finishing off your opponent. If you fish for extra Power Overwhelming‘s or Soulfire‘s from the Dark Peddler you can stack some serious damage. I’ve lost count of the amount of games I’ve won with Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming x2 for 14 damage.

Mulligan for as many one drops as possible and flood the board. Use sticky minions or buff health if your opponent is likely to have AOE. Value trade all day long until you have a clear path the face.

Kibler Renounce Darkness Deck with Video

Renounce Darkness!Kibler Renounce Darkness Deck with Video

If you are putting together a Renounce Darkness deck, check this Kibler Renounce Darkness Deck with Video. It’s a solid deck list that will hold its own without needing to draw Renounce Darkness early. In fact, if you watch the video you will see that he was about to lose before he played RD and he had an insane hand of Paladin cards.

It’s a card that relies on RNG for the most part but it’s incredibly fun. I think it’s possible to climb the lower ladder ranks pretty easily too.

For more Renounce Darkness craziness check out these decks:

Trumps Renounce Darkness Deck.

Forsens Renounce Darkness Deck.

Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock Deck

Playing Renounce DarknessTrump Renounce Darkness Warlock Deck

There were a few fun cards released with the Whispers of the Old Gods rollout, and Renounce Darkness is one of the most fun and interesting for sure. The card text reads:

Replace your hero power and Warlock cards with another class’s. The cards cost (1) less.

This list is the Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock Deck. It’s similar to some other builds I’ve played with and is a decent deck. You have to accept the fact that there is a huge RNG factor to playing Renounce Darkness.

The benefit is that all your new cards cost one less mana. So you have the chance to play ahead of curve slightly. This can give you a tempo swing, but it’s really in the hands of the RNG gods!

Best Zoolock Wild Deck to Start June Season With

How to Play This DeckBest Zoolock Wild Deck to Start June Season With

Zoolock decks are running wild in the, well, WILD mode. I have been playing around with a few different builds and found this to be the Best Zoolock Wild Deck to Start June Season With.

Darkshire Councilman, which was released in the recent Whispers of the Old Gods update has a lot more activators in wild than standard. With the deathrattle minions and Imp-losion that have been banished to Wild you can really buff your Darkshire Councilman into a serious threat.

You’re looking to flood the board in typical Zoolock style and overwhelm your opponent. Once you have control of the board you can put some burst together and punch your opponents face.

With the whole collection being available in wild there are too many good cards to choose from for a Zoo build. I will continue to tweak this list as I progress up the ladder and will post any changes I make.

Best Warlock Deck June 2016 Season 27

How to Play This DeckBest Warlock Deck June 2016 Season 27

If you are looking for the Best Warlock Deck June 2016 Season 27 ladder climb then it has to be Zoo. Zoo is one of the quickest decks to climb the ladder with, win or lose. You’re looking to flood the board, play around obviously AOE and board clears where possible and overwhelm your opponent early.

With 12 one-drops you shouldn’t have any problems flooding the board with cheap minions easily. Make favourable trades taking advantage of buffs and take any opportunity to buff up the attack of your Darkshire Councilman.

It’s not a low skill deck by any means. It takes practice to become good with zoo, but it’s not one of the more difficult decks either. You can start using this deck at the beginning of the season and learn as you climb the ladder. If you can’t make it to legend you’re probably doing something wrong.

Trump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016

How to Play This DeckTrump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016

This Trump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016 is one of many different zoo decks going around at the moment. This is one of the best parts of all the new cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods update. There are still many variations of some of the most competitive decks and the META is sill changing daily.

The two Doomguard tech choice can work out to be very clunky in the hand. One of the best things about zoo is being almost guaranteed to have one drops in your opening hand, you don’t have to float mana very often, and you can of course tap away when you’re out of cards.

Most of the synergy revolves around the Darkshire Councilman. Try and get the drops off the Imp Gang Boss and Possessed Villager to buff his attack. As well as dropping a board of Forbidden Ritual tentacles. There is loads of burst potential, even without Leeroy Jenkins. You can look for more Power Overwhelming‘s from Dark Peddlers and set up burst of 16 + with a Doomguard and 3 PO’s.

Forsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck

Renounce Darkness is one of those interesting and fun cards that doesn’t get much play. When you do play it you can get some insane wins, have a lot of fun, and start to believe in the card. This Forsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck falls into this category.

I’ve played this deck for 30+ games and have a slightly less than 50% win ratio. It’s certainly more of a fun deck than a seriously laddering deck. The Yogg-Saron ending brings chaos to any game, Elise Starseeker gives you that end game random influx of legendaries too.

I’m interested to hear how anyone gets on with this deck. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any tech changes that improve the deck. I’ve love to have a solid Renounce Darkness deck to ladder with.