Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 July

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This is the Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 July he was playing on stream. I always enjoy Tempo Mage decks, but feel like most fall a little short vs Cipher Tempo Mage Season 28 Julymost of the META decks.

This is an interesting build, the Emperor Thaurissan inclusion along with Archmage Antonidas opens up some interesting possibilities for a torrent on Fireballs. There is one Cabalist’s Tome too for some extra card draw as Tempo Mage is prone to running out of cards fast when you’re blasting your opponent with as much burn and Flamewaker missiles as possible.

I’ve only had the chance to play a few games with this list but it’s a fun build and feels like it can take opponents on longer and not rely on as much top-deck burn to win.


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