Complete List of Un’Goro Legendary Quests

Journey to Un'Goro Complete List of Legendary Quests

The most exciting and anticipated cards from the new expansion Journey to Un’Goro due for release on the 6th April are the Quest cards.

It’s a new mechanic not seen before. You have the quest card in your opening hand, and have to fulfill the requirements of the quest to receive the reward.

The rewards are pretty powerful cards, and although I’m writing this before the release most of them look pretty insane, a couple are borderline broken!

Here are all the quest cards by class and the rewards:

Druid Quest Cards – Jungle Giants / Barnabus

Jungle Giants HS Druid Quest Card Barnabus the Stomper HS Druid Card

Hunter Quest Cards – The Marsh Queen / Queen Carnassa

The Marsh Queen HS Hunter Quest Card Queen Carnassa HS Hunter Card

Mage Quest Cards – Open the Waygate / Time Warp

Open the Waygate HS Mage Quest Card Time Warp HS Mage Card

Paladin Quest Cards – The Last Kaleidosaur / Galvadon

The Last Kaleidosaur HS Paladin Quest Card Galvadon HS Paladin Card

Priest Quest Cards – Awaken the Makers / Amara, Warden of Hope

Awaken the Makers HS Priest Card Amara Warden of Hope

Rogue Quest Cards – The Caverns Below / Crystal Core

The Caverns Below HS Rogue Quest Card Crystal Core HS Rogue Card

Shaman Quest Cards – Unite the Murlocs / Megafin

Unite the Murlocs HS Shaman Card Megafin HS Shaman Card

Warlock Quest Cards – Lakkari Sacrifice / Nether Portal

Lakkari Sacrifice HS Warlock Card Nether Portal HS Warlock Card

Warrior Quest Cards – Fire Plume’s Heart / Sulfuras

Fire Plume's Heart HS Warrior Card Sulfuras HS Warrior Card

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