CosplayGrill Babbling Book Tempo Mage Deck

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CosplayGrill Babbling Book Tempo Mage DeckHere is another Babbling Book Mage deck. This is the CosplayGrill Babbling Book Tempo Mage Deck he was playing on stream and when I was watching he was in top 5 Legend ranks, which is pretty insane so soon after the release of the new card.

I prefer this over the Reynad Babbling Book Mage list. It makes sense to have the Emperor Thurissan and Archmage Antonidas and slow the game down a little.

You can control the board early and reduce a load of spells to do some crazy Archmage turns or just burn away with Flamewakers.

Mulligan Guide for Babbling Book Tempo Mage

Mulligan for those cheap early removal spells, 2 drops, and the Babbling Book. You can drop Babbling Book at any point in the game, the spell is random.

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