CosplayGrill Karazhan Malygos Druid Deck

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CosplayGrill Karazhan Malygos Druid DeckThis is the CosplayGrill Karazhan Malygos Druid Deck he’s been playing on stream the last few days. Credit needs to go out to Fr0zen for coming up with the list I think, or at least playing it before Cosplaygrill.

It’s much less greedy than some of the other versions going around with Barnes and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. You can play on almost on curve and overwhelm a lot of opponents that way instead of trying to combo and cycle your way to a big finish.

I think this is a much more refined list,try switching up whatever list you’re playing and see how you get on.

Mulligan Guide for Malygos Druid

As always with Druid you want that early ramp vs most opponents. Vs Zoolock and other hyper-aggressive decks keep as much removal as you can to push the game into the later rounds.

Don’t hold on to the Moonfire if you’re under stress on the board. This deck has a lot of win conditions and you won’t win by using Malygos + Moonfire’s that often anyway.

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