All Death Knight Legendary Hero Portraits Knights of the Frozen Throne

All Legendaries from Knights of the Frozen Throne Expansion

The Death Knight’s are coming when Knights of the Frozen Throne is released on the 10th August, 2017.

It’s a new mechanic and brings a whole new set of deck archetypes with it so it’s one of the more interesting expansions.

Here are all the Death Knight cards and the hero powers that also come with playing them:

Druid – Malfurion the Pestilent and Plague Lord

The Druid Death Knight compliments the theme of the cards being released along side it with the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

You can choose to taunt up or summon poisonous spiders to try and push tempo on board.

The hero power is slightly underwhelming compared to some of the others. But again has options of tempo or defensive plays.

Malfurion the Pestilant HS Druid Death Knight Portrait Plague Lord HS Druid Death Knight Hero Power

Hunter – Deathstalker Rexxar and Build-a-Beast

The Build-a-Beast mechanic is probably the most anticipated part of the new expansion, but it’s probably going to be more fun than it is competitive.

The Deal 2 Damage effect of the Death Knight gives Hunter some much needed AOE, this card will see some competitive play.

Deathstalker Rexxar HS Hunter Portrait CardBuild-a-Beast HS Hunter Death Knight Hero Power

Mage – Frost Lich Jaina and Icy Touch

Mage gets one of the most powerful control archetype Death Knight effects.

With Pyros and other Elemental synergies there are some strong deck possibilities, and once the Water Elementals start hitting the board it’ll snowball from there.

Frost Lich Jaina HS Mage Death Knight Portrait Icy Touch HS Mage Death Knight Hero Power

Paladin – Uther of the Ebon Blade and The Four Horsemen

An Ashbringer with Lifesteal and 4 Horsemen that destroy your opponent!

Getting the 4 horsemen to stick will be near impossible, but the weapon is insane value.

Uther of the Ebon Blade HS Paladin Death Knight Portrait The Four Horsemen HS Paladin Death Knight Hero Power

Priest – Shadowreaper Anduin and Voidform

Priest is no stranger to 2 Damage hero powers and destroying 5 attack minions, so wrapped up in a Death Knight card it’s very powerful.

A good addition to control Priest decks, and with some Lifesteal cards to replace the healing from the hero power Anduin just got a boost.

Shadowreaper Auduin HS Priest Death Knight Portrait Card Voidform HS Priest Hero Power

Rogue – Valeera the Hollow and Death’s Shadow

This might be a bit expensive at 9-mana and late in the game with the nether ending aggro META’s, but an interesting effect when it works.

Stealth and the chance to draw some cards opens up a lot of options and introduces some decisions over straight RNG effects.

Valeera the Hollow HS Rogue Death Knight Portrait Deaths Shadow HS Rogue Death Knight Hero Power

Shaman – Thrall, Deathseer and Transmute Spirit

Being a fan of the Evolve mechanic I’m looking forward to this Death Knight but I think it will be more of a meme than a competitive card.

You need a board, you need good RNG evolves, and your hero power arguably gets worse.

Thrall Deathseer HS Shaman Death Knight Portrait Transmute Spirit HS Shaman Death Knight Hero Power

Warlock – Bloodreaver Gul’dan and Siphon Life

This Death Knight will swing any board by summoning all the Demons that have died in the game.

Plus the hero power dealing 3 damage and healing 3 damage just continues with snowballing, great card.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan HS Warlock Death Knight Portrait Siphon Life HS Warlock Death Knight Hero Power

Warrior – Scourgelord Garrosh and Bladestorm

Scourgelord Garrosh had to come with a weapon, and what a weapon it is. As well as the new Hero Power, Bladestorm.

Scourgelord Garrosh HS Warrior Death Knight Portrait Bladestorm HS Warrior Death Knight Hero Power

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